“Shave it to zero and send it to work”: Soleil Sorge changes look but the comments destroy it

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Soleil Sorge is known for having participated in various television programs. From Men and women to the Big Brother Vipnow he will try his hand at conducting the Gf Vip Party with Pierpaolo Pretelli. The fans are more than convinced that he will succeed in this new adventure, which is why we just have to wait for the first live broadcast.

These days she went to the beauty salon of one of the most famous hairdressers in the Italian show business. It is about Federico Fashion Style. Together they shared the role of judge in The Pupa and the Nerdy Show and so they became good friends. No wonder she turned to him to change her look. It was Federico who shared a photo on his profile Instagram And among the many comments one did not go unnoticed.

Soleil Sorge – Solospettacolo.it

Soleil Sorge made her first appearance on TV as a suitor to the tronista Luca Onestini. Then they broke up and she tested herself in reality de The Island of the Famous where he met Jeremias Rodriguez. Last year she entered the house of the Big Brother Vip and has kept everyone in suspense because of his ambiguous friendship with Alex Belli.

Returned to the graces of Alfonso Signoriniin the new edition will have an important role: comment on the dynamics that will be created in the group of the house with Pierpaolo Pretelli to the Gf Vip Party. Probably for the occasion he wanted to consult his expert friend with scissors. Although he has received so many compliments, someone was not very nice towards him.

“Do you prefer Soleil with long or short hair?”

“New look for Soleil Sorge: super voluminous hair thanks to the Tailored hair of my line for a truly glamorous and very sophisticated look! Do you Soleil prefer it with long or short hair? “here’s what Federico Fashion Style wrote in the caption of the post e social media users immediately expressed their opinion.

One of them literally went too far: “Shave it to zero and send it to work”. Fortunately, a fan has exposed herself in his defense: “But those who waste time just to comment negatively on what they suffer? Make a better impression not to comment. You only waste time that you could dedicate to public figures you prefer ”.

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“It wasn’t friendship, but a show”

Soleil Sorge talked about his adventure inside the house with Alex Belli. Following all that happened once we spend the cameras, did not spend good words: “I experienced a disappointment when I saw that Alex wanted to commodify everything, I realized that ours was not friendship but a show”.

Photo by Federico Fashion Style – Source Instagram – Solospettacolo.it

Now he will be next to Pierpaolo, but Soleil has guaranteed that no ambiguous situation will arise. Also Giulia Salemi she stated that she blindly trusts her man, so there is nothing to worry about.

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