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Eros Ramazzotti launches his “Infinite Beat” from Seville

Eros Ramazzotti launches his “Infinite Beat” from Seville
Eros Ramazzotti launches his “Infinite Beat” from Seville
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In the full-bodied lineup of twenty-five songs Eros Ramazzotti has included seven of the new songs, opening the concert with the title track and the two singles that anticipated the album, “


” And “


“. But it is “

Infinite beat

“the manifesto song of this album. For several reasons. First of all for its ambitious being, a suite of more than 8 minutes, with different melodic and rhythmic changes. Then for the meaning, of rebirth it embodies, a theme that permeates the whole album, conceived during the months of lockdown and after the separation from Marica Pellegrinelli. And finally for the presence of

Aurora Ramazzotti

. Eros’s daughter plays a part in English that she herself translated and even during the concert she becomes the protagonist with a visual that projects her on the big screen. A gift from dad Eros who really impressed Aurora, who followed the concert from under the stage. An essential but impactful stage, in which the musicians are arranged on four levels and where the lion’s share is made by the visuals that cover all the surfaces, incorporating the band in different moments of the show.

For this live premiere Eros then chose to give precedence to the songs from “Battito infinito” with the greatest meaning from an emotional point of view (in addition to the title track “Magia” dedicated to his son Gabrio Tullio or “Every time I breathe”, a piece set to music by

Ennio Morricone

with text of

Mariella Nava

) and to the more danceable and Latin-like ones, like “

Go back to dancing

“(pure record) and”

Our Lady of Guadalupe

“, inserted halfway through the concert.” Sons of the earth “, a song written by Colapesce Di Martino, which features Jovanotti’s feat on the record, was left out.

During the evening Ramazzotti played a lot with the audience, going down to the stalls several times and coming to perform an acoustic version of “

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Only with you

“for a couple called on stage to celebrate 25 years of marriage. Like all the first tour dates there was no lack of some fraying in the rhythm but nothing that cannot be set up in a very short time. starting with the choristers

Monica Hill


Gea Gentile

who had their moment of duet protagonism with Eros respectively in “

More than you can

” And “

I Belong To You


That the Spanish public has a veneration for the Roman singer-songwriter is certainly not a discovery today, but what is surprising is the reaction to the new songs, with the latest singles sung word for word and with the same enthusiasm reserved for the old classics. And as for classics Eros has been generous, although he often presents them with arrangements retouched to keep them hooked on the present:

“Fire in fire”, “Promised land”, “Now you”, “An important story”. And then again “Another you”, “Things of life”, “Music is”

until the triumphal finale of

“There’s nothing more beautiful”

. Now we continue with Agrigento, Verona, Athens and Cesarea, and then on October 30th from Los Angeles the “Battito Infinito World Tour” kicks off between North-Central-South America and Europe, with 10 Italian dates.

The article is in Italian

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