continues his “game”, the latest revelations

continues his “game”, the latest revelations
continues his “game”, the latest revelations
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Continue the «game» of Fabrizio Corona. After his profile Instagram officer was probably closed following reports of his latest bombs gossip about the case Francesco Totti And Ilary Blasi, his scoop saga has moved to the profile of his son, Carlos Maria. And Corona keeps its promise. “When this profile reaches 300 thousand followers, I will continue with my indiscretions.”

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The third part of the game

After an imposed break, here comes it back show from Fabrizio Corona. Corona’s Instagram profile was blocked after the first two episodes of the game saga that promises to reveal the hot news on the most talked about couple of the moment. The separation of Francesco Totti And Ilary Blasi, in fact, he has been passionate about the world of gossip for a whole summer, but for Fabrizio, now, the time has come to empty the bag. To take off those many pebbles from his shoes that he had had for too long. More than pebbles, real boulders, related to the relationship that he has always considered a facade and convenience, especially on Ilary’s side. A revenge as soon as at Big Brother Vipwhen Ilary Blasi was the leader.

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The promise

«We are almost there!», He writes Fabrizio Corona who has now taken over his son’s Instagram profile Carlos Maria Corona. «At 300k on this profile and 100k on my new profile @imfabriziocoronaI will continue with the exclusive of my archive »promises a Fabrizio Corona now determined to blow the bank. “It would be nice to deal with something else, but in this historical moment it is necessary to do something together to try to change the information system,” adds Corona. To conclude: «Follow my profiles if you are a lover of truth. This is my game ». And now everyone is looking forward to the third episode of his “I play the massacre“.


Last updated: Saturday 17 September 2022, 18:19

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