Totti discharged by the Italians. After the interview, the Italians side with Ilary

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With whom did the social networks take sides after Francesco Totti’s exclusive interview on the end of his marriage? With the former captain of Roma or with the TV presenter who, so far, has remained silent and indifferent to the gossip towards her? The data speak for themselves, the words of Totti in the interview given to Corriere della Sera on 11 September last, have definitively created an almost unambiguous line-up by the people who, if until then they had hoped for a possible flashback between the two and defended both sides, now they take sides only on one side, that of Ilary.

Well yes, it seems that the Captain’s interview did not really like the social media users who took a position by siding against Totti and thus undermining his football myth that would have nothing to do with divorce and betrayals. The footballer, in fact, was covered with harsh attacks. To reveal the precise data of the social opinion on the Totti-Ilary breakup after the much talked about interview of the former champion was IZILab, the company that carries out web monitoring and social listening analyzes that calculated the sentiment of social media on the most discussed divorce of the year after the words of Totti.

If before there was empathy, now there is disappointment after Francesco Totti decided not to wash dirty clothes at home and break the confidentiality pact made with his ex-wife and the data speak for themselves: a negative sentiment of 1983, 5% for a total of 336,327 interactions, which constituted the engagement of 2184 users, out of 2830 tweets and 187 posts and articles published on the subject.

The main reaction was anger, both from the web articles and from Twitter: 52% from social media, 49% from the web; followed by sadness with 16% for the web and 34% on Twitter. And there is also fear, fear for a myth, like that of Totti that ends, a feeling that affects 9% of interactions on Twitter and 3% on the web. Joy, on the other hand, is only 6% on Twitter but 32% from blogs and news articles on the web. A sign that the irony of information holds better than the bitterness on the social network.

Finally, it is specified that the word “Totti” is the most written of the last period together with ‘horns’, ‘cinetotti’, ‘twittamibeautiful’, and unfortunately ‘bags’.


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