“I aborted because I chose my life and not that of the baby”, the revelation of Chrissy Teigen

“I aborted because I chose my life and not that of the baby”, the revelation of Chrissy Teigen
“I aborted because I chose my life and not that of the baby”, the revelation of Chrissy Teigen
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There are two words in English to describe the termination of a pregnancy: abortion (when you decide, of your own free will, to have an abortion) e miscarriage (when abortion is not chosen but is spontaneous). In Italian, there is only one word, but behind this single term that causes so much sensation, there are different facets and many stories of women. Today, Chrissy Teigen, the former American model and wife of one of the most beloved pop stars in the world, John Legend, talks about a nuance of abortion and tells the story of her. The woman, in fact, two years ago, announced that she had lost her son in an Instagram post that portrayed her in all her suffering with her husband and deceased child – whom she would have called Jack – declaring that she had had a miscarriage and adding that , after this physical trauma, she could no longer have children.

The woman, already a mother of two children, however, has now revealed several unknown details about the incident, revealing that what the world thought was a miscarriage, in reality, had been a voluntary choice to terminate the pregnancy. Chrissy, in fact, two years after the incident found the courage to tell that hers was a life-saving abortion, as she herself, as well as the child, risked dying and so, between her life and that of the baby in her belly, Chrissy chose to save herself.

“Two years ago, when I was pregnant with Jack I had to make a terrible decision – said the former supermodel during the event” A Day of Unreasonable Conversation “, program of the Propper Daley -” We knew that he would not survive and neither me without any medical intervention so let’s call it what it was: an abortion, an abortion that saved my life instead of a child who, most likely, wouldn’t have made it and, to be honest, I didn’t never put together the pieces of the story until a few months ago. I had told the world that I had a miscarriage, the world agreed with that version of the story and all the headlines were talking about miscarriageso it is as if on the one hand it was also for me but not having told the truth immediately, after a while, became unbearable and made me feel “stupid”.

Today, Chrissy seems to have made peace with herself and, thanks to in vitro fertilization, she is pregnant again.

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