Queen Elizabeth, the war of the sisters-in-law: Camilla and William peacemakers

Queen Elizabeth, the war of the sisters-in-law: Camilla and William peacemakers
Queen Elizabeth, the war of the sisters-in-law: Camilla and William peacemakers
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Queen consort Camilla and Prince of Wales William are at work in these days of mourning to heal the conflict with the Dukes of Sussex Harry and Meghan. The two brothers, sources close to them say, can’t wait to hug each other again. Harry is very homesick and homesick, wondering what he’s doing in California all day long. But the problem is Kate and Meghan, who don’t talk to each other and frown: quarrels between women often become irremediable. It was William, perhaps at the suggestion of King Charles, asking Harry to go with their wives to Windsor gate to look at the bouquets and thank the people. But the oppressive cloud of ice that hung over their heads was evident to all. The same feeling of cold was felt when the two brothers followed the coffin of the Sovereign on the Mall in London: everyone hoped to see the moving scene of Diana’s funeral again, but it was not so.
What happened to make the situation so serious? The first conflict was between the brothers, when William suggested that Harry “think about it” before marrying “that girl”. The advice was wise, but the expression “that girl” appeared to Harry gratuitous and offensive. This clash between brothers could have been remedied. However, the situation has worsened due to the conflicts of the wives: Meghan made Kate cry during an argument about the bridesmaids’ stockings at her wedding, and Kate was furious at the arrogance with which Meghan treated her staff when she was a guest. in his residence. Exasperated by her sister-in-law’s Hollywood tantrums, Kate phoned William, who called Harry to tell him that “that girl” was an unbearable divina, and she couldn’t continue acting like that.

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Perhaps there have been other episodes that have never been talked about, but these are already enough. The solution of the conflict is above all in the hands of Meghan, because Harry, who turned 38 yesterday, has been doing everything she decides for a long time. And it may be that the Duchess is thinking of returning to the fold: with Elizabeth’s death she too is a bit dead, or at least the role model that allowed her to remain famous by speaking ill of the Royal Family, with a tear, died. always ready to spring from melancholy eyes. Who can he speak ill of now? Della Regina, buried with the affection and gratitude of millions of people? Of the new ruler of the United Kingdom? Of the Prince and Princess of Wales? The whole family was admired for her behavior at her funeral, and Meghan will have to be very careful, because her whining has tired even the Americans. She lost this opportunity to become, as she wanted, economically independent, and faced with the prospect of having to find a job, perhaps she will think that, among many, after all, the job of a duchess is not too bad.

Carlo, who cautiously wished in his speech “a happy future for Harry and Meghan in America”, first wants to be sure that the willingness to make peace is sincere, and has instructed William to test the waters. But can “that girl” be trusted? Will he agree to be in the back row behind Kate on official occasions? Those who have learned to know it, often at their own expense, doubt it. And he is already imagining new interviews in which the Sussexes lament the absence of Harry’s military uniform at his grandmother’s funeral, and the decision not to grant the title of Royal Highness to Archie and Lilibet, who automatically became princes with their grandfather’s accession to the throne. . Meghan used to say that she didn’t want noble titles for her children, but maybe she has changed her mind.

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