Anna Tatangelo, now it’s really over: her fans can hardly believe it

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Now it seems to be official: for Anna Tatangelo it’s all over. What seemed like a flourishing period is about to end

The Ciociara singer and host of Scenes from Marriage said enough: there is nothing more to do. The many fans of her find it hard to believe what happened, but they have to accept the news just received.

Anna Tatangelo (Instagram)

Possible that Anna Tatangelo can’t find love stability? After so many years in a relationship with Gigi D’Alessio which seemed to be perfect – beyond the criticisms received – all certainty collapsed for the singer from Ciociaria who chose to be alone for a while. While the Neapolitan singer-songwriter has become a father again, Tatangelo timidly appeared on the door of love with Livio Choirsalso a Neapolitan singer.

Their story was made public on social media and made many fans fall in love, two beautiful and talented young people who had finally found love. Not too long ago, however, things weren’t going well, only to step back both of them and try to mend the relationship that seems to have been shipwrecked forever.

Anna Tatangelo and Livio Cori: it’s over forever


A blow to the heart for the hopeless romantics who really hoped things could get better between Anna Tatangelo And Livio Choirs, but unfortunately this is not the case. To launch the indiscretion is Alfonso Signorini than on weekly Who writes: “After a long push and pull the relationship between Anna Tatangelo and rapper Livio Cori seems to be definitively closed. No third wheel, but different visions of life have pushed them away. And there would be no room for rapprochement “.

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During the first breakup, both had confirmed rumors that spread like wildfire. At the moment, after today’s release of the weekly Who, neither of them has yet been heard. It must be considered that since the famous rapprochement, the two have no longer shown themselves together on social media, perhaps to protect their relationship and stay on their own. However, the hope of the fans is that the indiscretion can come back and that together they clarify what happened.

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