to whom they will go and which Elisabetta will always bring with her-

to whom they will go and which Elisabetta will always bring with her-
to whom they will go and which Elisabetta will always bring with her-
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Tiaras, tiaras, necklaces, earrings, brooches. Elizabeth’s private estate in huge jewels, over 300 pieces. In addition to the tiaras only in use by the royal family. Here’s how it will be broken down and used

While the official farewell celebrations to Queen Elizabeth are in full swing and the British devoted to her flock to say goodbye to her in Westminster Abbey, many wonder who the many and wonderful jewels that once belonged to her will go to. sovereign. Not the Crown Regalia kept in the Tower of London which are owned by the state, but private ones, inherited, received as a gift or purchased by her or by Philip, in 70 years of marriage and reign. Let’s talk about an extraordinary collection of approx 300 pieces, including jewels, tiaras, brooches, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.
Some of these, very few and modest in truth, will remain with Elizabeth forever. We speak, according to reports Lisa Levinson, chief of communications of the Natural Diamond Council, the queen will be buried with her wedding ring, in Welsh gold, and with a pair of pearl earrings, probably the ones she used to wear in her last weeks. of life, and which are visible in his latest public photo: the one in which he welcomes the new premier Liz Truss at Balmoral. On the other hand, he will not have Philip’s engagement ring, made with a diamond taken from a crown that belonged to the prince’s mother, Alice of Battenberg who in turn had received it from the Romanoffs, the family of the Russian tsars. That ring, which seems to contain a love message from Filippo, will go to Anna.

What about the others? King Charles inherits his mother’s precious collection and therefore he will decide who will have the privilege of wearing them. But here too a distinction must be made: some famous and ancient tiaras and necklaces that date back to the period of Queen Victoria and that we have seen worn by Elizabeth, the king can only dispose, or wear them (but it will not be the case of Charles) or lend them to queen consort, Camilla, or to the princesses of the royal family but cannot sell them or give them to third parties because they are part of the Crown but are kept in Buckingham Palace just to be used on formal occasions. A practice that already takes place: Camilla has worn on many occasions crown diadems loaned by Elizabeth, such as the famous Greville Tiaraalso known as Boucheron honeycom (estimated value around £ 3 million), which had been donated to the royal family by a millionaire philanthropist, Mrs Greville, upon her death, and which the Queen Mother loved to wear, or the Diamond Festoon Necklaceeven more precious (about 9 million pounds) or the Dehli Durbar tiara, worn by Queen Mary to celebrate the coronation of her husband King George V in India.

Private jewels, on the other hand, remain so and Charles and his brothers dispose of them according to Elizabeth’s testamentary dispositions. Just think of the gifts made by Philip to Elizabeth on the occasion of the birth of her children or the wedding gifts. Here too, we are talking about hundreds of precious items: Elizabeth’s private collection also includes the jewels of her mother, who died in 20o2, and of her grandmother, Queen Mary, who was a lover of precious items (especially strings of pearls) and who had relationships with the masters of jewelery from London and Paris.

Elizabeth, with more austere tastes than her grandmother, he had already donated some personal jewels to his daughter Anna, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters. The queen loved to see the jewels she was fond of worn by the other women in her family and was generous with all of them. These days, for example, we have seen Kate, Prince William’s wife, wearing a pair of pearl and diamond earrings that had belonged to Elizabeth: precious but simple, the Princess of Wales (yes, now the Duchess of Cambridge bears this title which was Diana’s) chose them for welcome the Queen’s body upon her arrival in London. Kate had also worn the same earrings when she left the hospital after the birth of her last child Louis. Clearly a gift from Elizabeth a few years ago. How the diamond brooch in the shape of a flowering branch worn on the occasion of the arrival of the coffin at Westminster Abbey.

Among the precious items that belonged to Elisabetta that we will see only worn by Kate is the famous one Lover’s Knot Tiarathe love knot tiara, already worn in her time by Diana, the last princess of Wales: a masterpiece of pearls and diamonds that Lady D received as a wedding gift from her mother-in-law and which dates back to 1914. Diana loved her very much, but after the divorce from Charles the diadem remained locked in the safes until the day we saw it on the head of the Duchess of Cambridge.


Elisabetta adopted a simple formula for the choice of jewels to wear: a three-strand pearl necklace and on the lapels of jackets or coats a pin chosen according to the day and the event to which you had to participate. According to Suzy Menkes, a jewelry expert, the choice of jewelry was the way to communicate her opinions and feelings. Among the brooches she was most fond of were surely those donated by Philip as the Grima Ruby Broochwhich she chose to wear to the ceremony in honor of the Duke of Edinburgh in March of this year but above all, the large sapphire brooch with which she was photographed during her honeymoon and then in the photo celebrating 70 years of marriage in 2017 , and finally during the Christmas speech of 2021, the first without Philip.

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They are intimate jewels. Which will probably remain with their daughter Anna but not said that they can also be worn by the new Sophie, highly esteemed by Elisabetta, Kate and Camilla.

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