Sophie of Wessex and Anne of England promoted by King Charles. Photo and video

Sophie of Wessex and Anne of England promoted by King Charles. Photo and video
Sophie of Wessex and Anne of England promoted by King Charles. Photo and video
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The countess and the princess will be promoted by the sovereign. The first was like a second daughter to Elizabeth. The second has always shown total devotion without asking for anything, not even a title for her children. And Meghan’s ears ring

Two women, very different from each other. But very close to her Majesty, to whom a feeling of total devotion bound her. A daughter and a daughter-in-law, who will now become the new faces of the monarchy in light sauce by Charles III. The Countess of Wessex, Sophie, wife of Prince Edward, and Princess Anne, Elizabeth’s only daughter. After Kate Middleton, now Princess of Wales, they will be the new stars (with promotion in sight) – photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

Elizabeth of England, London (with the greats of the world) thus prepares for the funeral – look

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THE SOPHIE EMPATHY – Sophie Rhys-Jones, 57, was a public relations guru and had opened her own communications agency. She met Edoardo, Elizabeth’s youngest son, while working at Capital Radio in London, and she married him in 1999. She At first she was not idyll with the Windsors. A reporter from the late News of the World caught her spreading rumors about politicians and members of the royal family. She caught out, she closed the agency, gave up her profession and devoted herself solely to the monarchy. She has since become so close to the queen that she considered her a second child. Her secret? Empathy. Attribute that the Windsors have a limited supply. It was the Countess who took the car and went first to Frogmore Cottage at the birth of Archie, the son of the Dukes of Sussex, in 2019. Without waiting for official invitations, communications between private secretaries and so on. You simply acted as a “normal” person, of the people. Sophie will inherit from the Queen the title of Duchess of Edinburgh, while her husband will become Duke of Edinburgh, the title that had been of Prince Philip. A full-blown promotion that will see it increasingly present. The king, without her brother Andrew and son Harry to rely on, wants her to be at the forefront to fill the vacant roles.

Children, grandchildren, titles, poisons and jealousies: this is the family Elisabetta leaves – look

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THE STRENGTH OF ANNA – He accompanied his mother on her last travels, never leaving her. She was with the coffin en route from Balmoral to Edinburgh, a six-hour uninterrupted drive. She also boarded the RAF plane that brought the coffin from Scotland to London. “It was an honor and a privilege to accompany her – she wrote in a statement – I was lucky because I was able to share the last 24 hours of my dear mother”. Anna was already in Balmoral when the queen got worse and was at her bedside when she died. Discreetly, without the eccentricities and pretensions of her brother’s king, Anna has always served the sovereign and the crown with ardor. Every year she works most of all (with hundreds of public commitments). She never asked for anything, nor did she want a royal title for her children. Carlo holds her in great esteem and wants her to be her adviser and right hand man, along with William. Her calm strength will be of great help to him.

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