The Paradise of the Ladies 15 September 2022 Previews: Flora fired!

The Paradise of the Ladies 15 September 2022 Previews: Flora fired!
The Paradise of the Ladies 15 September 2022 Previews: Flora fired!
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The Advances of the First Episode of the seventh season of Il Paradiso delle Signore broadcast on 15 September 2022 on Rai 1 reveal that Veronica does not agree with Ezio. Stefania, on the other hand, hopes that her mother will be released from prison for her engagement party. Meanwhile, Adelaide makes a bold move!

In the’episode de The Paradise of the Ladies from Thursday 15 September 2022, Ezio welcomes back Gem at home, contrary to the will of Veronica. Meanwhile, Stefania hopes that Glory can attend her engagement party with Marcoobtaining special permission. Adelaideon the other hand, announces the resignation of Flora: the department store is looking for a new stylist … But let’s find out together what they reveal in detail advances of the bet which will air tomorrow at 15:55 on Rai 1.

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Veronica against Ezio because of Gemma, in the Anticipations of the episode of September 15

Gemma had returned to Milan without anyone knowing. Indeed, it was Roberto to see it and to inform Ezio. The latter, then, has decided to reopen the doors of their house to the redheadalthough Veronica would not be disagree at all. The woman would have preferred her daughter to stay in the convent, to reflect on her mistakes. The ColomboHowever, he is determined to give Zanatta junior a second chance.

The Paradise of the Ladies Anticipations: Stefania has a dream …

Stefania is looking forward to getting married with Marco, but she wishes her mother could be next to her that day. For the time being, the girl would be content to know that she a Glory special permission to get out of jail was granted when the engagement party takes place. The journalist has already asked his aunt to intercede for them with the director of the prison …

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Adelaide fires Flora, in the Previews of the September 15th episode

While at Casa Amato everyone welcomes little Irene with joythe Anna’s daughterchaos erupts at Il Paradiso delle Signore. Adelaide made an important decision without consulting anyone else: he fired Flora! After having communicated the resignation of the daughter of the late Achille Ravasithe Countess says she intends to look for a new stylist …

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The Ladies’ Paradisethe all-Italian soap, airs from Monday to Friday at 15.55 on Rai 1.

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