Princess Anna, who accompanied the mother queen on her last trip to London: “It was an honor”

Princess Anna, who accompanied the mother queen on her last trip to London: “It was an honor”
Princess Anna, who accompanied the mother queen on her last trip to London: “It was an honor”
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After the first public exhibition in the Cathedral of Saint Giles in Edinburgh, the Queen Elizabethwho passed away on 8 September 2022 at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle, faced her own last trip. The one towards “home”, London. Among the sons of the sovereign the only one that accompanied the coffin in the short flight on a plane of the Royal Air Force to the Northolt base it was the Princess Anna. Because Elizabeth II wanted it this way. The Queen had made it clear by approving theOperation London Bridge, or the plan prepared in advance for his funeral: on what was to be her last trip, she had asked to be accompanied only by Anna. And she, in fact, has always been the royal princess to face the long six-hour drive with her mother’s body through the Scottish countryside, from Balmoral to Edinburgh. Where she has watched over the remains of the sovereign beside her brothers, King Charles IIIAndrea and Edoardo.

Now Anna, posting on the profile Instagram of the British Royal House a photo in which she is portrayed smiling with her mother, he said how much these last days have meant for her. Days of immense pain, but also of immense love. “I was lucky enough to share the last 24 hours of my dearest mom’s life. Was an honor and a privilege to accompany her on her last travels. Witnessing the love and respect shown by so many people on these journeys has been both painful and uplifting. I thank all those who are sharing our loss ». Perhaps, continues Anna, in these days “we have remembered how much we took for granted the presence” of the queen, and her “contribution to our national identity”. The only daughter of the sovereign in her message then thinks of the new king: «I really am grateful for the support and understanding offered to my dear brother Charles who accepted the additional responsibilities associated with his role as monarch ”. Then the last, touching words for the mother: “To my mother, the queen, thank you“.

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According to British royal watchers, the fact that the queen on her last voyage only wanted Anna shows just how much loved and esteemed the only daughter. One of royal busiest (boasts a total of over 20,000 public events completed so far), always respectful of her many duties at court and of the ancient monarchical traditions. According to gossip from Buckingham Palace, Anna’s only mistake for her queen was marrying her first husband, the captain Mark Phillips. From which she divorced in 1992 (to later marry Timothy Laurence) becoming the first of the Windsor brothers to break up their marriage. A hard blow for mother Elizabeth IIbefore the most famous (and mediatic) separation between Carlo and Diana. But mother and daughter had soon fully recovered their relationship. Joining them were the horsesa passion that Anna inherited from her mother by becoming the first member of the royal family to compete in Olympic Games (in 1976 in Montreal) and then, of course, the absolute dedication of both to the Crown. It was no coincidence that Elizabeth had reciprocated Anna’s passion for her royal commitments by conferring on her the title of Princess Royal alone.

Resolute and rude like her father, it has always been said that the lamentation Philip of Edinburgh Anna was very attached. While many real observers, over the years, have described her relationship with her mother as cold. On the other hand, the adjectives to portray the queen in the role of mother have never been flattering: cold, distant, indifferent. An image strongly rejected by the same Princess Anna: “I am convinced that none of us have ever thought, even for a second, that you do not she loved us like any other mother with her children“. Anna than with hers uniform of Admiral of the Royal Navy the Queen’s body is awake in Edinburgh struggling to hold back the tears tells the bond between mother and daughter more than a thousand words.


Princess Anne at the first exposure of the mother queen’s body in Edinburgh

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