Terence Hill, the tragedy that devastated him: he died too young

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Terence Hill is one of the most beloved faces of Italian TV and cinema. Very reserved, he tends to live his private life away from the spotlight. In fact, not everyone knows the tragedy that has struck his life and that of his family, upsetting it forever …

Terence Hill is not only one of the most beloved faces of the small screen but also one of the most famous Italian actors in the world. Thanks to the years of spaghetti westerns, he managed to win the hearts of the world audience.

Terence Hill-Solo Show

Beautiful and dark on the screen, in private life it is a devoted husband and father. You have lived your life away from the spotlight and gossip. In fact, not many know of the tragedy that devastated Terence Hill. Ross’s son, in fact, died too young. The pain was terrible for the whole family and it seems the actor has almost totally given up on his career.

Ross’s death: endless pain

Terence Hill is perhaps one of the most reserved people in the world. Although he is a very famous actor on the national and international scene, he is extremely attentive to keep his private life away from gossip and from gossip.

In 1967 he married the American actress Lori Zwicklbauer. Their love story seems to be endless, despite the many jolts they’ve had over the course of their lives. It seems that one pain has devastated them most of all: the death of their sixteen-year-old son Ross.

The couple had two children: Jess and Ross. Ross was born in Munich on April 11, 1973. Later, he was adopted by the couple. It seems he was following in his father’s footsteps, playing small roles in westerns. Furthermore, before dying in that tragic accidenthad been cast as Billy the Kid in an episode of Lucky Luke.

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The accident – here’s what happened

The adopted son of Terence Hill he was only 16 years oldwhen he was in a fatal accident. He had been with his family for the weekend and had decided to go back with friend Kevin Lehmann to college. It was January 30, 1990. It looks like the boy has lost control of the car due to a sheet of ice formed in the street due to the cold.

Ross Hill and Terence Hill – Solospettacolo.net

The spot is skidded, crashing into violent way against a tree. Ross Hill died instantly, while his friend was transported to the hospital where he died a few hours later. Terence Hill’s family was severely affected by this tragic story. The Italian actor had a severe nervous breakdown and for about a decade he worked the bare minimum.

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