Men and women, Davide Donadei returns to social media and admits: “We will never know …”

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Written by Marta Vitulano the September 10, 2022

In the last hours, the former tronista of Men and Women Davide Donadei returned to social media after days of absence and let himself go to …

Davide Donadei in recent days he has been a guest – together with the ex Chiara Rabbi And Roberta Di Padua – at the studio of Men and women for the registration of new episodes. In fact, the two exes had been called to tell the end of their story born under the spotlight of the Canale Cinque dating show. While the lady of the Over throne (she returned and went out with Alessandro Vicinanza) had been called into question by her due to the rumors of the last few days about her and the former tronista of Men and Women.

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But after the confrontation, Roberta Di Padua he had received a proposal from a knight. That is Alessandro Vicinanza. The former suitor of Ida Platano, after dating again with the latter, had directed her gaze on Di Padua. And so he had asked her to go out together to get to know each other. At the end, Roberta accepted, thus returning as a protagonist within the female parterre. But Davide Donadei what he admitted in the last hours on social media?

Men and women, Davide Donadei lets himself go and admits that …

After days of absence from social networks, the former tronista of Men and Women Davide Donadei in the last hours has returned active and has shared a very deep and meaningful phrase in the stories of Instagram. Here is what he wrote:

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We will never know how good a simple smile can do.

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After breaking up with the former suitor, Davide Donadei has repeatedly stressed the importance of smiling again, of feeling ‘reborn’. Although many fans of the couple always hope that in the future there will be a flashback between the two.

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