Alex Belli very hard against Orietta Berti

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The new edition of the Gf Vip, but the first clashes have already begun. Alex Belli has ruled against Orietta Berti, new columnist, together with Sonia Bruganelli. Here’s what happened.


The choice of Alfonso Signorini from Orietta Berti as a columnist she didn’t like it Alex Belli who commented on Twitter:

Let’s go well! Maybe choose a slightly younger workforce with memory and possibly that is not already retired, then thank goodness they say off to young people!

Some time ago the singer said, on Belli’s new single:

Free love has always been there. A person who has multiple partners thinks they have more appreciation. Now we live on gossip, but then how do they live? I think sometimes you do more to show off, because maybe they haven’t done anything important in their professional life.

Since then the storm had broken out. But in defense of the singer also came Vladimir Luxuria, interviewed by ThePipol:

Alex Belli? He would have liked to have been the columnist instead of Orietta. Simply gnaw! In my opinion she would have written badly than any other person. He probably wanted to be in that chair. Furthermore, I add, that youth, youth, is not an age data. I know very old young people. Orietta Berti is very young, very sparkling, and thank goodness there is! I can’t wait to see her amazing looks on her.

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Gf Vip: it is already chaos between Orietta Berti and Alex Belli


Also Patrizia Groppelli immediately took the defense of Orietta Berti:

Alex Belli would have liked to be in Orietta Berti’s place, this is the truth. Unfortunately, there is a big difference: he is a pony, she is a thoroughbred horse. Orietta is perfect for that role, the pairing with Sonia Bruganelli will work a lot. They are both very different and this contrast will please the public, there is no doubt. But then … Belli judges Berti’s career. But why doesn’t she think about building one himself? Unfortunately, the truth is one: he will never make it to reach the levels of that great woman. He will have to resign himself … or at most aspire to create new love triangles within reality TV. Then he was completely off the radar. Nobody talked about him anymore. So he needed to be resented and regain some visibility.

In short, apparently Belli’s words have only backfired!

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