Yilmaz breaks Zuleyha’s heart!

Yilmaz breaks Zuleyha’s heart!
Yilmaz breaks Zuleyha’s heart!
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The Turkish Anticipations of Terra Amara, the soap opera broadcast on Canale 5 in the early afternoon, reveal that Yilmaz will make Zuleyha suffer…

The Turkish advances of Terra Amara will be full of twists and will have incredible revelations: we return to talk about Yilmaz and Zuleyha, this time also referring to the future of Akkaya. The Altun will suffer from the fact that her beloved is moving on with his life together with Mujgan… but let’s find out together what the previews of the episodes that will air soon at 15:45 on Channel 5.

Terra Amara Turkish Anticipations: Yilmaz chooses Mujgan

Yilmaz has decided to turn the page and close forever with Zuleyha: he courted and married the doctor Mujgan and the woman also became pregnant. This fact caused not a little suffering in Zuleyha that, despite what it says, continues to love Yilmaz and had hoped for a future with him. Altun was already saddened that the Akkaya did not show up on their date to escape together.but his pain is only at the beginning …

Mujgan cruel with Zuleyha, in the Turkish Anticipations

Pregnant for the second time, Zuleyha goes to the hospital for a check-up and here she meets Mujgan, also pregnant. Between the two there is coldness and Mujgan does not fail to tell her how happy Yilmaz is that she is pregnant. Zuleyha he doesn’t take it well, of course, but his heart breaks into a thousand pieces when, in the hospital, his beloved also arrives and will attend the check-up of his wife.

Terra Amara Turkish Anticipations: Zuleyha unleashes with Sabahattin

There Altundestroyed, he will let off steam with Sabahattin: she is torn and alone in the world, all she has left is only her son. She now she no longer even has hope: in fact, before Yilmaz moved on, she had a secret illusion that she could build a future togetherbut now that the Akkaya he is about to become a father (again) and is happily married he sees himself deprived of that too …

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Bitter land, the Turkish soap opera, airs Monday to Friday at 15:45 on Channel 5.

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