Giorgia Soleri, new tattoo and social controversy. “How ugly to ruin the body”

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Giorgia Soleri once again the center of social attention. After the passage on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, complete with controversy, now the attention for the model and influencer has been rekindled after the Instagram post with which she shows the new (and great) tattoo on her back: the long poem I’m this way from Joumana Haddad, Lebanese journalist and poet. And praise and controversy immediately broke out.

An avalanche of comments

“Are you like this? It’s a shame, you look like my school desk.” “How ugly to ruin the body … above all it no longer enhances any dress”. “Na bic and a 10-year-old child would have been enough and instead …”, just to cite the most polite criticisms.

But there are also those who defend the choice of the partner of Damiano David of the Maneskin: “Body tattoos should only be done because they represent a meaning. Imprinting what happened to us on the skin. Those who have not experienced this sensation will never understand.” “For me the sentence I no longer have time for regrets says it all. Bella Giorgia, you are a free creature”. “Obviously there could be those who would like to decide how much and whether to get a tattoo or not. Not to mention the prophets who already know that the future will only bring repentance. What a drag.”

And who criticizes the choice in a more polite way: “Sweet Giorgia I respect you a lot, but as far as tattoos are concerned you have exaggerated, for what my tastes are of course, your body is so beautiful. A big kiss”. And who puts it on the maternal side: “My daughter, you know how bad it is .. but is it really worth it?”.

Giorgia Soleri and the outburst on social media: “I have a name and a surname. I’m not just Damiano’s girlfriend”

May 18, 2022


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The text of the poem

Here is the full text of the poem “I am so” by Joumana Haddad contained in the book The return of LilithL’Asino d’Oro, from 2009:

I am like that / I don’t have time for regrets / I play with destinies, I get bored easily / I promise and I don’t keep. / It is useless to change: / Certainty is foreign to me / for the embarrassment of love / for the imagination / because I am devoted / only to indolence. / My appointments are unpredictable / they are an escape before time / a sun that is not enough / a night that never opens / they are impetuous gasps between thirst and quenching one’s thirst. / I am like this, a silence to gather me, / a slow terror to disperse, / a silence and a terror to cure a cruel memory / there is no light that can guide me: / I possess only my sins.

The controversy with the followers

A few days ago, Giorgia Soleri complained about yet another social attack against her, going so far as to say: “Soon I will delete twitter and I will stop opening message requests because unlike what you think being under shit storm it sucks and hits “.

The article is in Italian

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