Anna Pettinelli, madly in love with the 26-year-old: he knows everyone

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Anna Pettinelli will not return in the role of singing teacher in the upcoming edition of Friends by Maria De Filippi. In place of her there will be Arisa. Surely it will be she who gives a hard time to Rudy Zerbi, or the colleague with whom it is difficult to share the same opinions on the students.

Recently, Pettinelli made a post that she shared without hesitation on her profile Instagram. Specifically, it is a video in which he appears in the company of a young sports talent. She said she was madly in love. Is there something boiling in the pot? This is how things really are.

Anna Pettinelli –

Anna Pettinelli has decided to say how things really are on the news concerning her farewell to Friends. As if that were not enough too Veronica Peparini has gone away and will be in its place Emanuel Lo. She was a cold shower for fans of the TV show, so they asked why she was absent.

According to the gossip behind this there would be a tense relationship with the Maria De Filippibut Pettinelli has firmly denied: “I remained on excellent terms with Maria. Don’t listen to the rumors it’s really all right“.

These days she walked the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival wearing a white dress. She made fun of her choice by saying that she would remember not to get married again. However the last published post made many social users think. Will he have any second thoughts about it? Let’s find out all the details of the story.

“I love”

Post by Pettinelli (Instagram) –

It is well known that Pettinelli has been linked for many years with Stefano Macchi. Some time ago they took part in an edition of Temptation Island and finally they went hand in hand. After the unexpected farewell he is now linked to Elisa D’Ospina while she publicly showed herself with a young sports talentbut appearances can be deceiving.

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“Just got back from NYC! I love him and I love his tennis. Special evening! Great Matteo Berrettini “here’s what he wrote in the caption. Pettinelli joked that she was madly in love with the sportsman, but in reality the two are linked only by a simple friendship.

Curiosities about the tennis player

Matteo Berrettini has a very successful career. Nicknamed The Hammer for his powerful service and forehand shots, he was the only Italian to have played in the final of the Wimbledon tournament. In addition to his talent, he is also endowed with a charm that will take your breath away.

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