“Let’s shout together: we are all anti-fascists”. The red slip in Venice

“Let’s shout together: we are all anti-fascists”. The red slip in Venice
“Let’s shout together: we are all anti-fascists”. The red slip in Venice
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The seventy-ninth Venice International Film Festival closes today Venice. An edition full of films, of stars but not only. A few days before the political elections, there was no shortage of positions taken by actors and actresses, directors and directors, and so on. There was no lack of reminders anti-fascistsand the last appeal came directly during the award ceremony.

The director took care of “inflaming” the audience in the Sala Grande of the Palazzo del Cinema Pedro Harres. Collecting the Venice Immersive Jury Grand Prix for “From the main square”, the Brazilian filmmaker wanted to send a message:“In Brazil not only cinema is in danger but democracy. We must shout as loud as possible against this danger. Together we cry: we are all anti-fascists“.

Harres’s heartfelt intervention met with great success. Many applause for the artist, who however was not the only one to focus on anti-fascist themes. The first episode was recorded already on the opening day of the Festival “thanks” to the documentary “Marcia su Roma”, directed by Mark Cousins. The American, in fact, has focused strongly on the parallelism between the rise of fascism and the rise of Giorgia Melonileader of the Brothers of Italy and “favorite” for the victory in the vote on 25 September.

“Today there are many more right-wing governments than I remember in my entire life, and I am 56 years old. Hungary, Poland, India, Brazil, America with Trump and now also in Italy the pendulum is swinging towards right. This is a very dangerous condition “the opinion of Cousins ​​to the microphones of Adnkronos. Or how to forget the frontal attack of Elodie, protagonist at the Lido of a film in the Horizons section, again against Meloni. And again: from Loredana Bertè to Ficarra and Picone, the list is dense.

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