Even Giorgia Meloni at the age of 18 said bullshit about Mussolini, but I won’t be in the government

Even Giorgia Meloni at the age of 18 said bullshit about Mussolini, but I won’t be in the government
Even Giorgia Meloni at the age of 18 said bullshit about Mussolini, but I won’t be in the government
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Responding to those who contest the dismissal for the vilification process, Fedez also launched a dig at Giorgia Meloni.

Fedez intervened on Instagram to talk about the news of a complaint made by the association “Pro Territory and Citizens onlus” for a text written over ten years ago, but it also took the opportunity to criticize Giorgia Meloni and those who vote for it. In fact, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office asked the rapper to be dismissed for the accusations that had been brought against him because of a song, “Tu come li chiami”, published in his first mixtape “BCPT” when the rapper from Milan he was taking his first steps, he was not yet one of the best known names on the Italian art scene and he was one of the rising stars of Italian rap. Today, of course, Fedez is 33, and his life – and his music – has completely changed.

The rapper then explains to whom he is indignant about the request for archiving that, in fact, that song dates back too many years ago: “an association of former carabinieri denounced me for insult to the Arma and I am black inca ** ati because acquittal was requested, the consequence of this are the headlines of the newspapers where simplification reigns supreme in which everyone is indignant, especially the Italian ‘patriots’. Obviously things are more complex than that “. At that point the singer explains: “I wrote the song when I was 18 and today I am 33, now I say the timing of this association of former carabinieri with 15 years of delay … And this is one of the reasons why it was asked for my acquittal. Song that today does not reflect my thoughts, but if they ever condemn me it would be a problem because all public offices would be clogged with all the lyrics of the rappers who for better or for worse, when they are young or even when they are not young people, they say the same things, so it wasn’t even such an original text… “.

It is at that point that Fedez also wanted to make a comparison with a very young Giorgia Meloni: “I do not blame those who are indignant, I find the judicial proceedings aimed at ending up in nothing and only to create indignation in those who have the Italian flag on their Twitter profile a bit useless also because … lower expectations, guys! We live in Italy and who Will hold high government positions in the very short future Could it be Giorgia Meloni who at 18 didn’t say smarter things, right? In the trenches of the Italian Social Movement she said that Mussolini also did good things. I was shooting bullshit when I was 18. And I won’t have any institutional role in this country, luckily for you… “.

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