“We don’t stop until the power is turned off.” On stage Rkomi and Tananai- Corriere.it

“We don’t stop until the power is turned off.” On stage Rkomi and Tananai- Corriere.it
“We don’t stop until the power is turned off.” On stage Rkomi and Tananai- Corriere.it
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from Paolo Carnevale

The «Jova Beach Party», an Italian mega-tour by Jovanotti, ends at the airport near Milan. A collective party with many guests between great successes and surprises

we get up on stage we plug in the instruments, we turn on the console and we don’t stop until the power is turned off“. And so he started doing at 2 pm When, Jovanotti went up on stage and the «Jova beach party» at the Bresso airfield began. The lineup? It is not fixed, however, there are songs that cannot be missing: «The greatest show since the big bang», «Lucky boy», «The navel of the world», «A dancing tribe» and «I love you baby».

With Jovanotti, master of ceremony, accompanied by the bands and the faithful Saturnino, there are many guests: it starts from the Sbam Stage with the DJ Fresco, and the Ackeejuice Rockers, to then move on to the Kontiki and the Main Stage. The singer-songwriter will then be on stage with Baloji, Congolese musician, poet and director, as well as rapper Epoque, with Shantel, German singer and disc jockey, and with his friend Benny Benassi. And then, Ckrono and JP Bimeni, descendant of the royal family of Burundi, fled to find success in England. There are also the emerging Nicol, Rkomi and Tananai. The “non formula” is the same as for beaches: anything can happen.

Lorenzo Cherubini on his Facebook page he had promised: «We will take our sailing ship to the mainland of Milan. It will be the largest party in the solar system. Everything is ready for the grand finale. We will be a sea ». The Giampiero Clerici di Bresso airport today has become the navel of the world, as Linate was three years ago. “That experience had been thrilling – he says Maurizio Salvadori, president and CEO of Trident Music, the agency that organizes the megaevent – so we liked the idea of ​​finding another airport in Milan. Our philosophy is not to return to the same place, and this explains Bresso’s choice. The fact that 55,000 people have already registered on this Milanese date rewards this choice. Just as it is important to underline the total attendance at the 21st date, which is 550 thousand people ». Calling it a concert is definitely an understatement. A little live, a little partybut perhaps better a cathartic bath of music and a dancing crowd.

Jovanotti, also on Facebook, defines it as “an open-air laboratory, a mobile city, a poetic, energetic amusement park, a Dionysian and solar partya New Year in the middle of summer, an open world view », or, as Jovanotti’s manager Marco Sorrentino underlines« a one-day festival in which music from all over the world blends. With 150 artists in total from more than 35 countries. «The choice was not to invite names known to the general public – he continues -, but of great quality, which Lorenzo presents on stage, playing together. There are no headliners like other music festivals. It is a unique experience for those who participate. An experiment in line with the great American happenings. An energetic bath, because with him you must always have your brain connected 24 hours a day, 360 days a year. After all, at 68, if I didn’t work with Lorenzo, I would have already stopped ».


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September 10, 2022 (change September 10, 2022 | 14:35)


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