The Paradise of the Ladies 7, what everyone feared is about to happen: do they leave fiction forever?

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A great concern of the fans of Il Paradiso delle Signore 7 is about to come true. In fact, there could be definitive goodbyes.

Less and less is missing from the return to the air of Il Paradiso delle Signore, which will return with the seventh season always on Rai Uno. In fact, there could be definitive farewells for the series broadcast on Rai: all the previews.

The protagonists of the new season of the television series (via WebSource)

Monday 12 September is the date to be marked for the return to air of The Paradise of the Ladies. Fans of the soap opera await with great excitement this return to television to discover the latest intrigues in the Milanese department store. But two big goodbyes could hit the television series. We are therefore talking about Vittorio Conti And Agnes Amato who are preparing to leave the series, shuffling the cards on the table again. The audience will then witness several twists.

The Countess Adelaide of Sant’Erasmo has redeemed the shares of Umberto Guarnieri, expelling him from the Milanese department store to punish him. Consequently the story with Flora Gentile Ravasi it must end or there will be bitter consequences. The entrance of the Countess will create an atmosphere of terror, difficult to bear for the insiders, who lose the enthusiasm of going to Paradise every day. Before Maria Puglisi’s return, two are hired new ordersElvira and Clara.

Agnes Amatotarget of the capricious countess, will decide to make a strong gesture to oppose her or submit their resignation. Whereas Vittorio Conti he will find himself stuck at the airport of New York where he will make an unexpected and happy acquaintance. So let’s find out if there is Vittorio’s farewell to the Milanese department store.


The Paradise of the Ladies 7, goodbye to Vittorio Conti? What happen

Vittorio smoking a cigarette (via WebSource)

So during the episodes of the new season, Vittorio Conti he finds himself having to appease the protests of the employees of Il Paradiso, tired of the continuous mistreatment of the countess Adelaide of Sant’Erasmo. In the company of Marco, Vittorio will try to redeem the disputes e will beg Agnes to return in the department store. Also as previously mentioned Vittorio will overcome the failed marriage with Marta Guarnieri e will fall in love again, thanks to an accident that keeps him stuck at the New York airport. Vittorio could then say goodbye before the end of the seventh season.

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In fact it is certain that Tersigni Sara in the cast of the fiction Hearts 2, aired in 2023, and will therefore have to take part in filming that will begin in September. According to the first hypotheses Vittorio could come out with some stratagem from cast of The Paradise of the Ladies a few episodes before the final epilogue, perhaps in pursuit of his new great love. So, appointment on Monday with the new season of the Milanese Show.

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