Elodie conquers the Arena with a mermaid look

Elodie conquers the Arena with a mermaid look
Elodie conquers the Arena with a mermaid look
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Elodie was the queen of the first evening of the Tim Music Awards at the Verona Arena, where she performed twice.

The singer actually went on stage for the first time to reach her colleague Rkomi with whom she sang The devil’s tail and then, under a pouring rain, she performed on the notes of the catchphrase Midnight bathroom.

The artist, “daughter” of the fifteenth edition of the talent Friends of Maria De Filippiwas awarded both for featuring with Rkomi and for her song, and took home the EarOne award for her 7 top-ranked singles.

Elodie: a wet siren at the Verona Arena

Since the beginning of her musical career Elodie, who at the moment is also at the center of gossip for her “special friendship” with Andrea Iannone, doesn’t miss a single and… not even a look!

In fact, at the Tim Music Awards the singer captivated the audience not only with her voice and her energy, but also with her bright outfit. The transparent suit (mermaid skirt and halter-neck top) animalier-shimmering pattern highlighted the artist’s splendid physique without being vulgar.

To the outfit definitely suitable for a woman like her, Elodie, who has shown us on several occasions that she loves to dare, combined a pair of black pumps with rhinestone straps and shoulder-length hair and wet that they gave her a mermaid allure. Elodie’s make-up, very simple and glowy, was created by Daniele Lorusso who on many occasions has already curated the beauty look of the singer and many other Italian stars.

From Venice to Verona: Elodie’s golden moment

2022 was a great year for Elodie: in addition to musical successes, the 32-year-old from Rome made her debut as an actress in a film that was presented a few days ago at the Venice Film Festival in the Orizzonti section.


The singer in I eat your heart (taken from the novel of the same name by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Foschi, published by Feltrinelli) is a sort of “Shakespearean Juliet” protagonist of an impossible love story set in the Gargano against the background of a rural Puglia, which almost recalls the far west, where the Mafia families in the area clash.

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In his interpretation in the film by Pippo Mezzapesa, Elodie also had to shoot a nude scene which, said the new actress, did not create any embarrassment: “I have always had a peaceful relationship with my body. A breast is a breast “.

Elodie the Queen of Hearts of Venice 79

At the Venice Film Festival number 79, Elodie was also among the undisputed protagonists of the red carpet of the event. On the occasion of the premiere of the film that saw her as the main performer, the singer wore a long black Valentino dress with a sweetheart bodice, in homage to the title of the film she played.

Elodie’s red carpet dress is part of the Valentino Haute Couture Fall / Winter 2022-23 collection presented last July in Rome with a magical fashion show in Piazza di Spagna.

Elodie’s (dark) Queen of Hearts look it was embellished with a chignon that highlighted Cartier’s brilliant pendant earrings and a make-up whose focus was the dark red lips: original and flawless as always.

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