Elton John’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in Toronto: the dedication “Don let the sun go down on me” – The video

Elton John’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in Toronto: the dedication “Don let the sun go down on me” – The video
Elton John’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in Toronto: the dedication “Don let the sun go down on me” – The video
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The musician and composer Elton John from the stage of Toronto in Canada he wanted to dedicate his “Don let the sun go down on me», Written with Bernie Taupin and present in the album “Caribou” of the 1974. Before the execution Elton John said that “you have been an important part of my life and like the whole nation I am deeply saddened to learn of the death of your death. It was an inspiring presence that guided the country through some of its most extraordinary yet darkest moments, with grace, decorum and genuine and caring warmth. I am 75 years old and she has been with me all my life. It saddens me to know that she will no longer be with me. But I am happy that you rest in peace ». The song was performed by Elton John with George Michael during a concert at the stadium of Wembley of the 1991. Later released as a single, it was a worldwide success. Elton John had dedicated “Candle in the windTo Princess Diana, with whom he was a friend. The words of the song, first dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, were adapted. The first verse, instead of “Goodbye Norma Jane“(The actress’s real name) became”Goodby England Rose“.

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