Victoria De Angelis, the censorship of MTV and the photos: “Free the nipple”

Victoria De Angelis, the censorship of MTV and the photos: “Free the nipple”
Victoria De Angelis, the censorship of MTV and the photos: “Free the nipple”
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The support of Victoria of the Måneskin to the “Free the nipple” movement. In reality it has a much more serious and profound meaning, and which aims to break down any taboo related to the female body. On the occasion of the MTV VMAs 2022, the bassist of the rock group was censored. After a first reply on behalf of the Måneskin, further support has arrived for what is a real revolution.

Victoria by Måneskin: the Free the nipple movement

At this point a premise is necessary: ​​Victoria De Angelis is the daughter of a much freer generation, far from prejudices, stereotypes and above all from the “hypocrisies” that have been perpetrated for centuries. And it is perhaps for this reason that for a long time on her Instagram profile she has been showing precise photos: joined the movement Free the nipple.

No bra, and sometimes no clothing to cover the chest. But the goal is not to make a sensation, despite the criticisms that have often come. Free the nipple has a much deeper meaning e embraces sexual equality globally, but not only: the aim is to be able to desexualize the body of women. The controversy, however, arose in conjunction with the MTV VMAs 2022, for some very wide and distant shots from Victoria. The reason? Easy to imagine.

MTV’s censorship

A stellar, global and even “American” success: the Måneskin are a phenomenon, whether one accepts it or not. To the Video Music Awards were awarded the prize for the Best Alternative Video. But, despite the victory, a background buzz “ruined” the moment.

The Roman band, on stage, performed on the notes of Supermodel. The show’s direction, however, played with the shots, because Vic had slipped the top unintentionally. The censorship did not go unnoticedand fans didn’t like it.


Moreover, the same concept was not applied to Damiano David, frontman of the band, who instead was able to show off a pair of pants that left his buttocks totally uncovered. And the question is always the same: why does a man’s buttocks show without any doubts or signs of sagging, while a topless is treated as obscenities?

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The replica of Victoria and the Måneskin: photos on Instagram

“We’re too sexy for MTV,” joked the Måneskin. But Victoria’s reaction was much more focused. “It’s stupid that there is so much today difference between how the body of a man and that of a woman is considered. Why, while male nipples are perfectly normal, women’s nipples are considered scandalous? “

On his Instagram profile, he finally wanted to share a roundup of topless photos. On stage, with band mates – Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raggi – or even driving in a bumper car. Not just showstherefore, but also normality. Which, you know, is so frightening. But De Angelis has no intention of giving up: just take a look at her official account to understand that she has now become a spokesperson for the Free the nipple revolution. And no censorship can ever really stop it.

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