“He took my word from me”

“He took my word from me”
“He took my word from me”
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Bruganelli talks about Alfonso Signorini who will return to support the role of columnist in the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip.

Sonia Bruganelli will return in the role of columnist at the Big Brother Vip, ready to open the red doors of the seventh edition Monday 19 September next.

Big Brother Vip, Sonia Bruganelli talks about the quarrel she had with Alfonso Signorini: “He had taken my word away”

There wife of Paolo Bonolis this year it will be joined by Orietta Berti and it seems that thanks to the presence of the latter it was one of the main reasons for his return to reality. On several occasions, the Roman entrepreneur had in fact declared that she wanted to return to her role as a casting producer and that her experience at Gf Vip it was just a parenthesis with no replicas.

“Now it’s different. I’ll be with Orietta Berti: I admire and respect her, she doesn’t take herself seriously, like me” stated the Bruganelli to the Corriere della Seraadding to live a delicate moment and that the return to Gf Vip it will give you the lightness you need.

“The kids who grow up, the dynamics of the couple that change, the famous empty nest … I needed lightness: at Big Brother Vip I just have to do my make-up and watch the Day Time in the tub before the episode.”

Paolo Bonolis’s wife has also returned to talk about the quarrel happened with Alfonso Signorini during the last edition:

“He had taken away the word in a bad way. That fight brought us closer. I discovered a person similar to me: he has a fragility hidden by being eccentric, he seems ruthless, but he is a softie”.

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Speaking of another television experience as a commentator, the Bruganelli also recalled that a The farm in 2009:

“One of the worst things I did, I was not ready. I was known only as Bonolis’ wife who had just done the second Sanremo. I was not credible and I was not believed. Among the competitors there were untouchable characters: I had too many stakes and I was too young “.

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