Manuel Bortuzzo has combined another. Lulu destroyed after the official announcement

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Manuel Bortuzzo amazes his fans with an unexpected attitude. The former gieffino displaces all the fans who had believed in the couple with Lulù Selassié. The girl will be terrible.

Lulù Selassié and Manuel Bortuzzo they were a very close-knit couple during the last edition of the most followed reality show in Italy, Big Brother. Now, however, a behavior of Bortuzzo leaves the princess destroyed, above all because she had believed a lot in their relationship.

The two met during Big Brother and made many fans of the program dream and excite. Manuel brought his life story into the house, a very difficult story that struck the beautiful princess. The boy was, in fact, a promise of swimming ready to make an incredible career up to the Olympics.

His dreams of glory were interrupted by a gunshot fired during a nightclub fight that forced him to stay in a wheelchair forever.

In short, the events of Manuel were at the center of the episodes of Big Brother 6 together with the beautiful love story with Lulu. The girl is the direct descendant of the Emperor Selassie of Ethiopia. Lulu has come one step away from the final but her sister Jessica managed to win the reality show conquering the hearts of many viewers.

After the end of the program Lulu and Manuel tried to make the relationship work and the union between the two seemed to be going well. But something must have gone wrong and just a month after the end of the program they announced the separation. From the statements of the beautiful princess it seems that the problems came from Manuel’s family who never really accepted their relationship.


And much to the chagrin of the couple’s fans Manuel and Lulù they have taken very different paths. S.several months have passed since the two broke up and there have been many rumors about a new possible love for Manuel Bortuzzo. For a long time Manuel has preferred to keep his privacy especially after he spent several months under the cameras 24 hours a day. Now, however, the boy shares something of himself that has surprised everyone.

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The new love of Manuel Bortuzzo

The swimmer’s new flame is tiktoker Angelica Benevieri. On the Web there are many photos that portray them in love despite Manuel had always said he did not want to live any love story in the spotlight.

Nevertheless, the two now show themselves happy and together on social networks where they share postcards of their love. The news of this new relationship has made the rounds of the media and will surely have reached Lulu. We can only imagine the reaction the princess had after realizing that it is over forever.

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