Men and women, a former lady of the Throne over is in contact with Riccardo

Men and women, a former lady of the Throne over is in contact with Riccardo
Men and women, a former lady of the Throne over is in contact with Riccardo
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The former dame of the Over throne Veronica Ursida was one of the most talked about protagonists of Men and women.

You will surely remember her for her numerous battles with the knight Armando Embodiedor because of his troubled relationship with Giovanni Longobardi.

Today, however, the Ursida she is very happy and serene next to her partner, Vito I finishthe ex-boyfriend of Miriana Trevisanand his son.

The lady is back to talk about her past experience on the dating show of Maria De Filippirevealing some curiosities to the weekly My.

Regarding Armandohere are his words:

I don’t find it true, both in the ways and in the tones it uses. I am active against violence against women, but violence is not just getting your hands on: verbal aggression is also out of place. I think it is wrong to show her manifestations on TV, both against me and against other women.

Speaking of the pundits, on the other hand, Veronica has conflicting thoughts:

Tina Cipollari? I was more sympathetic to her and I greet her with affection. Gianni Sperti? She never put up with me. The reason? Armando And Giovanni Longobardi they preferred me to his pupils Ida Platano And Roberta Di Padua.

According to Veronica this gave “Very annoying” to the columnist. In hindsight, however, she would have dropped the two: “Maybe I should have listened to Gianni“.


About Gemma Galganiinstead, the Ursida confessed to a sudden change of attitude:

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In the last two episodes she has transformed: she has had some not very nice outings against me and I would like to understand the motivation for her verbal aggression and so much malice that has left me perplexed. I didn’t expect it.

Veronica he then spoke of a controversial knight, Riccardo Guarnieriwho still hears:

If I am in contact with Riccardo? Yes, we talk on social networks. We talked about his story with Ida and I agree with him: if you have a stormy relationship, it takes time. She is similar to me in some respects: we both have very strong manifestations. We should have a coffee together when I go down to Puglia.

There Ursida it also has some for Ursula Bennardo And Sossio Aruta and with their constant ups and downs in the relationship:

Ursula And Sossio they would do well to protect the child, I don’t like the way they release news about them, like when they announce the breakup showing in the Instagram Story the sadness of White. They are adults, they must not get in the way of children. A year ago she attacked me insinuating that I wanted to play the character, she was ambiguous.

Finally, the lady also confessed to wanting to participate in some reality shows, such as the Big Brother Vip or The Island of the Famous.

The article is in Italian

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