Meghan Markle as Lady Diana: the Duchess’s shot leads to discussion: “Obsessed with her” [FOTO]

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These days more than ever, the memory of Lady Diana keep living in our hearts. In fact, August 31 was the twenty-fifth anniversary of her disappearance, which took place in 1997 in Paris due to a terrible car accident. And right these days he is having a photo of discussing Meghan Markle used as the cover of a famous American magazine.

Lady Diana; Meghan Markle –

Meghan Markle, as you all know is the wife of Prince Harry. The former actress, in fact, married the second son of Carlo and Diana on May 19, 2018 and, following the events of the “Megxit”, they both decided to move away from the royal family – with all that entails – and move to California. .

And it is precisely the new life far from England that Meghan has chosen to talk about in the course of a ‘interview released to a well-known American weekly. On that occasion, the Duchess indulged in open-hearted stories inherent to her everyday life, to that of Harry and their two children, Archie and Lilibet Diana. There was also no lack of references to Archetypesthe podcast on Spotify through which Markle tells her story.

What has created havoc these days, however, is there photo choice for the cover of the magazine The Cut to which Meghan Markle gave the interview. It is said, as also reported by the British weekly Hello, that the Duchess’s shot is very, very similar to one of the inimitable Lady Diana. Here, in this regard, all there is to know.

The offending shot of Meghan Markle

Cover “The Cut”, photo Ig –

The cover photo of the magazine The Cut – taken by photographer Campbell Addy this week is dedicated to Meghan Markle. In the shot, the Duchess is wearing a designer dress Tory Burch and a pair of earrings Lanvin, and was portrayed in the foreground with a determined gaze. Expression aside, several experts and magazines have recently brought to light the extreme similitude of Meghan’s shot with one of Lady Diana. More precisely, the one created by Patrick Demarchelier for the cover of Andrew Morton’s book entitled Diana – Her true story. Here, in this regard, as the royal expert Kinsey Schofield put it: “I wonder if there is a strategy behind all this, given that the interview came out precisely in conjunction with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Lady Diana and Meghan it’s on the cover of a magazine, which could lead people to do a comparison between both. Also, I don’t know if you have seen the image on the cover of The Cut. It looks exactly like an image taken of Lady Diana with a black turtleneck. It’s strange. And we have seen her on several occasions trying to dress like Lady Diana […]”.


Italian thought

The dilemma of Meghan Markle’s photo also flew overseas, right in our beautiful country, as it was also covered by the weekly Today.

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The magazine used a quote from the book to address this issue Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsor written by Tom Bower. Here, then, is the extract in question: “Meghan was convinced that she was blessed with Diana’s magic touch ”.

The article is in Italian

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