“Ylenia I’m waiting for you”, Romina Power with open arms: the message moves everyone

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The story of Ylenia Carrisi still remains a mystery today: the eldest daughter of Romina Power and Albano Carrisi disappeared in mysterious circumstances decades ago. But her mother does not give up and she always waits for her, as she writes in a tearful message on social media. Here’s what Romina said.

Romina Power moving message – Nanopress.it

A disappearance that destroyed the hearts of Romina Power and Albano Carrisithe singers famous all over the world who have not had a simple private life.

In 1993, in fact, their eldest daughter Ylenia disappears into thin air and has never been found again, despite repeated searches. Mamma Romina, however, despite almost 30 years have passed, does not resign and sends a message addressed to her daughter through her social networks.

Romina Power writes to her daughter Ylenia: “I will always wait for you”

The loss of a child is a pain that cannot be overcome, more than any other bereavement: this is what they have felt Albano Carrisi and Romina Powerformer couple of the show and in life, who in 1993 they have lost track of their daughter Yleniabefore their four children.

Albano with his daughter Ylenia – Nanopress.it

The young woman at the time, who would be 52 today, he was in the United States of America, specifically in New Orleans, a trip that her parents had advised against. But Ylenia was a free spirit and she had decided to leave for this adventure in the USA, but after December 31 of that year his traces were lost.

Many were the witnesses who were questioned, but it was never understood what could have happened to the daughter of the Carrisi-Power.

Today, almost 30 years after his disappearance, there are still many doubts but Romina Power is still hopeful to see againsooner or later, his little girl.

He states it publicly, in a post on Instagram, which portrays her in a beautiful photo with her daughter, to whom she dedicates these words: “Ylenia my house I want you to know that your mother is always waiting for you!”

Romina Power
Romina Power – Nanopress.it

Words that move, thoughts of a mother who has never given up and who has certainly suffered a lot in recent years for the disappearance of his daughter, who among other things was also declared dead in Brindisi, after a petition presented by Al Bano.


There are many messages received from Romina’s followers, which give her hope, love and a lot of closeness in delicate moments like this, in which a mother vents her sadness.

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The troubled history of Albano and Romina Power

Albano and Romina Power they have been through so many together: the disappearance of their daughter Ylenia was one of the most difficult stages in their history, but it was also beautiful and made thousands of people dream.

Albano and Romina
Albano and Romina – Nanopress.it

Since 1974, Albano and Romina have given many emotions to their fanswith songs that have become part of the history of Italian music: Felicità, Nostalgia Canaglia and Ciera, among many others.

In 1967 they meet and fall in love: she is just 16 years old, he is 24, who make a music set together that will be the scene of their love at first sight.

Since, for 29 years they never broke up and they have built a beautiful family, with four children: Ylenia, Yari, Cristel and Romina Jr.

After Ylenia’s tragedy, however, Romina retires from the stage, so much so that Albano begins her solo career. Things never go back to the way they used to be and in 1999 the two, to the bewilderment of all their fans, officially part ways.

The divorce will come after a few years, in 2012. Today, Albano and Romina are back together on the scene after years and years and, as we perceive, they still have a beautiful relationship.

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