There he is! Finally the first images of Matilde Brandi with her new partner: look

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  • The boyfriend of the 53-year-old showgirl at the surprise party of the daughters of the ex gieffina vip
  • The man also has a splendid relationship with the two 16-year-old twins, Aurora and Sofia

Matilde Brandi finally reveals her face new companion, on the social network publishes the first images with her boyfriend with which she had come out into the open, always away Instagram, at the beginning of August, however, hiding the face of the man with a red heart. The 53-year-old showgirl shows up with him in hers IG Stories on the occasion of the surprise party organized in his Roman apartment for his daughters Sofia and Aurora.

There he is! Finally the first images of Matilde Brandi with her new partner

The twins had in 2006 by the ex Marco Costantini, a well-known Roman accountant born in 1964, will go to study in the USA, the mother, with the complicity of Fabiola Sciabbarrasi, ex wife of Pino Daniele, his great friend, has organized a surprise party for greet them and make them feel all his warmth. Among the guests there is also the new companion of the former gieffina vip, the one who gave her back her smile.

The 53-year-old showgirl together with the man who gave her back her smile at the surprise party organized for her daughters Aurora and Sofia, who are leaving for the States, will study there

The farewell with Costantini, which arrived after 17 years together in 2021, in conjunction with Brandi’s participation in the reality show, had deeply embittered Matilde. “I was in the house I entered with a partner and I went out who was already dating someone else I would be ashamed if I were that woman stung!”, she unveiled immediately after exiting the red door. Now, thanks to the new companionhas found sentimental serenity.


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The former VIP gieffina had come out into the open with her new boyfriend at the beginning of August

The boyfriend seems to be perfectly integrated into the family of Matilde Brandieven with the twins the relationship is harmonious: there is complicity.

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