“When he left the scene we didn’t notice, we don’t miss him”

“When he left the scene we didn’t notice, we don’t miss him”
“When he left the scene we didn’t notice, we don’t miss him”
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The farewell of Raimondo Todaro to Dancing with the Stars continues to be talked about, after a year.

A break between the professional dancer and Milly Carlucci which, as he had declared himself Raimondo, it had not been entirely peaceful. Since that time their relationships have cracked and the former protégé of the Carlucci made the decision to land on the talent show of Channel 5, Friends. Here, as a Latin American dance teacher, he first found his wife again Francesca Touchbut also a new audience who has been able to appreciate him for his qualities and ways of doing things.

Recently, however, just Raimondo Todaro he had made statements that they did discuss. Here is what she confessed:

They are two different programs. The main difference is that Milly she is someone who wants to be in control of everything. Milly goes into the wig room to see everyone’s hair and almost tells you what panties to wear. While Maria gives you a lot of carte blanche. She never came to tell me: “Do this …“.

Statements that were not welcomed by a historical face of the program Dancing with the Stars. We are talking about Guillermo Mariotto. The latter, in a recent interview with the weekly Myhe wanted to respond to the statements of the former colleague:

Milly she is the daughter of a general, it is true that she controls everything, everything and she is right to do so also because if you leave certain things to chance you risk not going well. She works disproportionately, she pays attention to every little detail. How can it weigh you? On the contrary, it is reassuring. If something happens, she knows how to handle it, but she plays ahead of time so that it doesn’t happen.

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But the judge did not fail to throw a jab at Raimondonoting how his exit from the program did not weigh too much:

When he left the scene, no one noticed. Honestly I did not feel the emptiness because the program is filled with so many things and this shows that we are all useful but no one indispensable. We didn’t miss it, perhaps because it arrived Vito Coppola which was an earthquake of skill.

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