the PHOTO with the legs in the wind and the feet … What a vision

the PHOTO with the legs in the wind and the feet … What a vision
the PHOTO with the legs in the wind and the feet … What a vision
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Diletta Leotta posted a photo in the early hours of the morning, sending all her Instagram fans into ecstasy: here is the secret dream.

Diletta Leotta (Instagram)

The journalist from DAZN, Diletta Leotta has started a new and exciting season on the Serie A playing fields.

The radio player of “Radio 105”He spent a truly wonderful summer and he preferred to spend the last remnants of the sun in the mountains rather than by the sea.

Work in progress …“, So the Sicilian showgirl of Catania origin stands out in the middle of the arms of Mother Nature. A landscape to take your breath away instantly, with cypresses and evergreens dominating a territory that so wanted to give the last hours of this torrid and sultry summer 2022.

Before returning to the command posts in full swing, Diletta’s fans admired something wonderful about her, between the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape and her beauty.


Diletta Leotta writes the story in the arms of Mother Nature: “What legs you have!” – PHOTOS

The last glimpses of a breathtaking summer for Diletta Leotta they are consuming themselves in these hours, among the thick mountains full of trees and evergreens.

Diletta preferred to breathe the healthy air of the most beautiful and highest mountains and at the same time study on the computer to refine the winning weapons of the professional repertoire.

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The followers did not want to take their eyes off the journalist’s deep and attractive eyes, even for a moment, who doubles up like this … While the Sicilian radio player sits comfortably in the chair and proudly shows two bright legs And perfect.

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Leotta adds a little spice to the image that contains the psychological and moral status, corresponding to that “mad and desperate” desire to improve and start again stronger than before.

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