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Is Charlene of Monaco pregnant? His latest statements

Is Charlene of Monaco pregnant? His latest statements
Is Charlene of Monaco pregnant? His latest statements
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Charlene of Monaco hasn’t been shown in public for some time and hasn’t appeared in photos at the amusement park with the twins. An absence that is justified by the fact that may be pregnant. Although in her latest statements, the Princess speaks only of the severe infection that hit her and the difficulties, not yet completely resolved, to get out of it. But let’s proceed in order.

Charlene of Monaco and pregnancy

The last apparitions of Charlene of Monaco date back to last July, when she also went to Pope Francis, apparently among other things for a special request concerning her children. Then silence. She and Alberto went on vacation, but while the Prince had himself photographed on the yacht in Corsica together with the little ones Jacques and Gabriella and then accompanied them at the end of August to the Asterix amusement park where he posed for the representative shots, she is completely gone. And that again fueled rumors about the couple.

It is said that the two have spent separate holidays because their marriage is only a facade, but also that tensions at the Palace are very high and that there would be a plan to oust Charlene. Now instead a new hypothesis emerges that actually takes up some rumors that emerged a couple of months ago according to which Alberto and his wife intend to have another child.

So the magazine In Touch argues that Charlene has never been seen to hide certain roundness that should now be evident, to maintain the alleged pregnancy is kept as secret as possible. At the moment there is no concrete evidence that supports this thesis, if not the declaration of the mother of the Princess who reiterated how the dream of her daughter was to have at least 5 children. Meanwhile, the rumor has spread in the Principality that the couple may also think about an adoption, indeed they have already started the procedures.

Charlene of Monaco: her last words

For the moment, however, those directly involved have remained silent, no confirmation or denial has arrived from the Palazzo. But Charlene in an interview with the South African magazine News 24 she just talked about hers difficult convalescence which lasted months and has not yet ended.


The Princess said: “I have been through a difficult time, but I have been lucky enough to be supported and loved by my husband, my children and my family.” She talked about a long and difficult road she had to walk to get out of the abyss that a serious infection in her nose, throat and ears had thrown her in 2021, forcing her to three operations under total anesthesia and almost a year of isolation from loved ones. her.

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Things look better now: “I feel much stronger physically. The road has been long, difficult and painful. I don’t want to go too fast, but today I feel calmer ”. Charlene reiterated how her life for the moment revolves around her children, a statement that seems to somehow indirectly confirm the desire – perhaps already realized – to have another child.

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