“Valentina Ferragni broke up with Luca Vezil”, he finally replies to the rumors about the breakup

“Valentina Ferragni broke up with Luca Vezil”, he finally replies to the rumors about the breakup
“Valentina Ferragni broke up with Luca Vezil”, he finally replies to the rumors about the breakup
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Chiara Ferragni’s sister, Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil broke up? The gossip bomb comes in a summer full of twists for more than one VIP couple.

Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil have not shown themselves together on social media for almost a month. The stainless social couple, always super close-knit and together with any event, appeared distant on the occasion of the summer holidays that all the Ferragnez, including close friends and relatives, spent in the Balearic Islands. The girl immortalized herself in colorful outfits, always fashionable and perfectly matched during the Spanish evenings in the company of her sister and grandchildren.

Usually Luca Vezil, companion of the influencer’s younger sister, always appears with them; this year, however, not everything has appeared as in previous times. After contracting Covid, the boy, always maintaining the utmost confidentiality, announced that he had to dedicate himself to a very important project and did not involve Valentina nor did he join her in Ibiza to spend even a few days of relaxation. But what happened then between the two? they really broke up after unforgettable years of love documented on Instagram to their many followers?

Are Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil no longer a couple? Talk to him

On the various rumors and the ‘mother’ indiscretion that would see Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil no longer together, the model intervened a few hours ago. After the suspicions about a crisis given the absence of him in Ibiza, for the entire month of August, the fans were alarmed by often asking under the photos of the young woman, what happened to her partner. Vezil then spoke, stating that he is currently engaged in a very important project of which he cannot and does not want to reveal anything.

He also denied the rumors of a break with the young Ferragni. For the first time in 9 years they actually found themselves spending their holidays apart, but the reasons would be solely related to his work and the impossibility of moving from Milan. Far away but only logistically. The influencer stated that his girlfriend was and continues to be his biggest supporter. She has been close to him in these weeks of hard work and anxiety in view of his bright future, which promises to be brilliant but with many unknowns to face. No separation therefore: we just have to wait for the Ferragnez to return to Milan to see them together on Instagram.

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