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Eva Hengerinterviewed by the weekly Novella 2000, said how is he after the accident who saw her involved in Hungary last April. The former castaway from the Isola dei Famosi still can’t walk and she has to use a wheelchair to get around. “I still often cry for everything that has happened. I am reminded of the accident, the two people who are no longer there. I’m so sorry“, admitted the showgirl. Then she added:”When I can walk and get out, I would like to go and hold out flowers for them and say a few words. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was. No one has left the house with the intent of harming anyone. The important thing is that four of us participated in this tragedy and now two of us are gone“.

Eva Henger: how is she after the accident

The former adult film actress, after 47 days of the accident and several operations, was unable to regain physical shape. On the contrary. Mercedesz Henger’s mom admitted: “It was amazing to see an improvement because there were very bad moments of depression and moments of hope, emotions that came and went different. There are days when I have hallucinating pains, very strong and others where I have less. For example, sometimes I have a lot of pain in the sacrum and pelvis. Instead, when we came out of the clinic and stopped at a shopping center to do the shopping to buy the necessary things, it was great. That day I was just fine, even though I was in the wheelchair“.

The relationship with Merdesz Henger

The particular moment experienced led to a reunion between mother and daughter, long gone for mutual grudges. Mercedesz understood that she might never see her mother again, so she was very close to her until she left for Honduras to participate in the Island of the Famous.

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