Toscani’s latest: “Gospel and Bible fake news”

Toscani’s latest: “Gospel and Bible fake news”
Toscani’s latest: “Gospel and Bible fake news”

Oliviero Toscani is a screamer. At the age of 80, the Milanese photographer ends up punctually in the spotlight only for his caustic invectives, his twisted reasonings, his blasphemy hidden behind the aura of a high and visionary intellectual.

Since tomorrow at Palazzo Reale the exhibition “Oliviero Toscani. Profession photographer” will be inaugurated, the largest exhibition ever dedicated in Italy to the radical chic idol, Toscani has seen fit to re-propose his great cult to promote the event and celebrate in a big way the fourth age: theinsult to Christians.

“The photography since its invention has meant that fake news is a little less – he said on the sidelines of the presentation of the exhibition promoted by the Municipality of Milan-Culture -. I believe that the Gospel and the Bible are fake news. If there had been a camera, the figure of Jesus Christ would have been resized. Photography is the historical memory of humanity. Since there has been photography we have realized who humanity is, before we have told a lot of lies “.

And to think that the chant about the “fake news Bible” had also served it to last May, coincidentally on the occasion of the release of his autobiography. But since blasphemy is his brand, we might as well re-propose it every time he is given the opportunity, just to have enough space in the newspapers to be able to profess his secular religion:hate.

Toscani is defined as a “provocateur”. In reality, he is the most conformist man there is, who is allowed everything precisely because he is protected by the big drum of progressives. Those for whom it is always lawful to insult Christians but never the other faithful, for example. In fact, no one has ever heard Toscani say that the Koran is based on fake news. You just can’t.

Just as in Toscani no one would ever give credit machistaalthough for years his favorite sport has been insulting Giorgia Meloni: in 2018 he called her “delayed, ugly and vulgar”, without being accused of bodyshaming, in 2021 he said that those who vote FdI must necessarily be ignorant, a few days ago about the meeting of Meloni in Spain he said “this poor woman says a lot of bullshit. She’s inadequate for modern life. “

Yes, modern life, the one in which his famous poster “Jesus Jeans Who loves me follow me”, from 1973, that is the portrait of a female buttock almost perfect for a clothing commercial, would be practically censoredbecause thanks to those like Toscani today we live in a world in which it is possible to own an artistic project, “Razza Umana”, as he did by crossing hundreds of squares all over the world to photograph anyone who wished, giving life to the most large photographic archive existing on the morphological and social differences of humanity, with over 10 thousand portraits, but at the same time painting as “inhuman” anyone who does not conform to his ideal of life.

A world in which those who do not belong to the magic circle of the “sinister caviar and champagne” get fleas by checking even the oldest of the posts on social media in search of some small compromising phrase, but Oliviero Toscani is allowed to offend the memory of 43 innocent deaths on the Morandi Bridge (he said: “Who cares that a bridge falls?”) To defend his employer and sponsor Prince Benetton. Everything already prescribed and already forgotten.

A world in which to “provoke” it is enough to spit poison on the most defenseless categories, such as i Christianswhich in 2014 Toscani vilified on the radio by saying that the sight in a church of “one nailed to the cross that bleeds” or “an altar with naked children flying” or “another side, which have removed his skin, Saint Bernard, you know there is something for all tastes “, it would be nothing more than a sort of gigantic freak show:” I believe that a sadomasochistic club is not so avant-garde “, he said.

Toscani, at the age of 80, is now known more than for photos because he is consulted by the authors of radio or TV programs, when needed do some dowager with bizarre phrases that sometimes even end up in court. She is the cannon woman of the social age. You are a revolutionary of conformism who can only evoke a key sentiment of the Gospel for true Christians: compassion.

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