Men and Women, Riccardo Guarnieri unmasked (again) by the photos

Written by Marta Vitulano the June 23, 2022

In the last hours, the knight of Men and Women Riccardo Guarnieri would have been unmasked by some photos.

Riccardo Guarnieri in the last few hours he would be exposed again by photos. Photos that would see him in the company of a mysterious black-haired woman out for dinner in Polignano a mare. Photos that ‘confirm’ the reports leaked in recent weeks that had spoken of one of his alleged relationship with this mysterious woman. We specify that so far there would be nothing wrong. Men and Women has already finished for several weeks, now for more than a month, and therefore there would be nothing wrong if the rider had already tied himself to another woman.

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The fans of Ida Platano, after discovering these reports, lashed out against Riccardo Guarnieri, insinuating and accusing him of having lied within the program, to the former flame and to the production itself. According to them, the knight would have returned to the Canale Five dating show only for visibility and already at the time he would have already been engaged.

Men and women, Riccardo Guarnieri lied to the program?

We specify that for the moment these are only suppositions leaked on social networks and on the web and coming from fans. On the other hand, Riccardo Guarnieri has never denied or confirmed the above. In the last few hours he himself has published two Instagram stories that show one of his dinner – a sandwich with fish – and the other a spectacular view of Polignano a mare in the evening.

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About the more recent report of the last few hours, the gossip expert Deianira Marzano, in sharing it on social networks, added one of her thoughts. There he is: “Then I want him when he comes back to cry on the show that he says he never finds anyone“.

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