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Andrea Delogu is a nationally renowned actress, for some years now her career has remained at very high levels

Delogu is undoubtedly one of the multifaceted television artists in our panorama, from television to radio, passing through cinema.

Andrea Delogu (Instagram)

Andrea Delogu was born in Coriano on 23 May 1982. His television debut, after a difficult life, arrives in 2002 as a “letteronza” within “Never say Sunday”. In 2004, then, he remains in the sports environment and is part of the cast of “Champions – The Dream”a famous program that recounted the exploits of Cervia coached by Ciccio Graziani. In 2013 she participates in the diving program on Canale 5 “Jump, I’ll dive tonight” conducted by Teo Mammuccarilike deejay.

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As for the music, then, he participated in very important broadcasts in our country; in 2015 she was the juror of Sanremo Younglive on Rai 1, while in 2016 he made an appearance, again for the song festival, a Sara Sanremo. In 2017, on Rai 4, she was the commentator of theEurovision Song Contest, event on a continental level. In 2019 she was sworn in, instead, in another of the most famous musical events in Italy, the Castrocaro Festival.

Andrea Delogu, put her on the bed makes you crazy

Andrea Delogulike many colleagues, she is very active on various social networks, above all Instagram And Tik Tok. The radio host, in fact, loves making videos and posting her days to her fans, trying to update them and keeping them company. This time Andrea Delogu delighted his fans with a click as soon as she woke upas it often does, and gave a breathtaking shot.

In the photo, in fact, she is portrayed in the mirror with a summer night dress, with its forms that emerge very clearlydriving his followers mad.

Andrea Delogu (Instagram)

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In the cinema Andrea Delogu has ranged a lot, from more committed films to other satirical and entertaining comedies. In 2012 she participated in “I respect you Brother”, a film by the famous Giovanni Vernia with Paolo Uzzi. In 2018 she starred in “The seventh wave” by Massimo Bonetti, in 2019 in “Just a minute” by Francesco Mandelli.

Even on the radio she is a very artist important And appreciated, perhaps among the best in our country. In 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2021 Andrew Delogu was the official voice of the Sanremo Festivalairing on Rai Radio 2radio where, moreover, he made his entire radio career.

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