These 3 zodiac signs hate to lose. Do you know what they are?

Even a successful person, who can feel absolutely fulfilled at least once in their life, has been faced with a disappointment or something that has compromised their goals. If defeats often have even greater “educational” power than victories, there are nevertheless many personalities who simply do not accept failure as a result, even if they have given their all. According to the zodiac, these individuals are associated with specific zodiac signs, which they hate to lose, always and in any case. Which ones are they?

These 3 zodiac signs hate to lose. Do you know what they are?


It is an emotional and highly centralized profile. Even if he takes great care of his own appearance and the impression he inevitably gives to others, the disappointment that manifests when something goes wrong is quite perceptible. He is not the master of self-criticism, on the contrary he tends to blame everything and everyone when he fails in his intentions. It must be said that at least he is not a “rancor” in most cases.


He tends to overestimate his abilities and it is for this main reason that he hates losing and does not seem to accept it “on principle”. Capricorn would do anything not to admit a lack of his own or perhaps the fact that he has not committed enough. He tends less to blame others but still doesn’t get over it.


Inevitably he ends up on the list also because, very trivially, he always blames others and also shirks his responsibilities when things go wrong. For his part, he is absolutely convinced that he has acted in the best way when he knows very well that it is not so.

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