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A drama hits a Rai character, a disconcerting news concerning the actor. The prosecution is clear, drugs in his home

A terrible news is what has been affecting the house in the last few hours Raione situation in which one of the best known members of Italian TV was arrested. After they were discovered in possession of many kg of drugs. But who is it? What happened to the actor?

This is the story of a man who, in the past, we have seen take part different fiction among which A Place in the Sun And A doctor in the family. We are talking about the one who set foot on TV in 1998year in which Raffaella Carrà he decided to want him by his side to cover the face of Boy in Carramba what a surprise.

A guy who, right from the start, attracted attention as there is always a lot engaged to show what it’s made of. So as to get several other opportunities. After 11 years the man thus gets the great opportunity he was waiting for, becoming the one who has conducted in the 2009 Travel diary.

The accusation that distorts Rai… he himself was arrested

And so, the man in question, manages to thrill everyone by talking about what is his greatest passion making the world of gods love more and more trips to all its viewers. And it is thanks to this work that you have even had the opportunity to visit a large number of villages. Thus becoming, with the passage of time, a very important personality in the home Rai.

Although he has never acted in films, many know him there for having taken part in fiction such as A Place in the Sun, A doctor in the family And The three roses of Eve 3. Many have understood that we are talking about him, of Ciro Di Maio. It is precisely on him that, in the last few hours, a ‘investigation since the man was caught in possession of 1400 doses of the drug of rape. Something he kept inside his own home.

A situation that has left all its followers speechless, and which sees a Ciro Di Maio different from what we have come to know. In fact, it seems that the man had these doses sent by theHolland. It is a colorless and tasteless substance that can be added to any type of cocktail, so that the victim can ingest it And not notice of nothing as it is also reported by piudonna.

A drug that can take effect later 5 minutes up to a maximum of 20, and which sees totally losing the sense of reality failing to even move the body as desired. Those who take this type of drug also begin to blame numerous others symptoms including memory impairment, nausea, and trouble breathing. A drug that brings the person who has suffered one violence to remember absolutely nothing. Also because, everything disappears after a few hours and the body is able to expel the substance very quickly.

This drug was found inside theapartment of the actor, in such a large amount that according to the PM it is not a purchase made for personal use. Something demonstrated above all also by the various chats attributed to the same actor. In any case, Ciro di Maiohe tried to justify yourself.

“I’m not a drug dealer, the substance wasn’t intended for parties or anything, it was just for me, I’m addicted to it and I’m trying to follow a therapeutic program that plans to scale up, gradually reducing consumption. I’m sick I can’t do without it, I take it more or less every two hours “.

A justification that was confirmed from his own psychotherapist with which he has been under analysis for some time. Despite all these explanations, the PM does not seem convinced of what he has heard to the point of carrying on further investigation.

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