Licia Nunez, a shocking background appears / “I woke up in the night and …”

Licia Nunez, a shocking background appears / “I woke up in the night and …”
Licia Nunez, a shocking background appears / “I woke up in the night and …”

Licia Nunez distances herself from the castaways: “I preferred to disappear …”

Licia Nunez tried not to take a position on some dynamics of the castaways. For this reason, Licia was often attacked. Some have called her false and a liar and others have accused her of being a strategist. In a live broadcast at Casa Chi, Licia, however, motivated her choice: “I came to create human relationships, as happened with some competitors, I really didn’t give a damn about the game, I didn’t care even less about making strategies. And even on the dynamics, I only entered those that I thought were right. However, I wanted to keep a path that was also linear with my profession. There were dynamics that could somehow harm my profession as an actress, I disappeared, I pretended to go fishing and I never caught a club “.

Licia Nunez lived this experience of the island with the awareness of having to face issues that had remained unresolved: “There have been situations from the past that unfortunately came out in such a difficult context. But I discovered one thing: to be very strong mentally. The moment I made a switch and interpreted the spirit of the Island differently, telling me ‘Look Licia, you won’t find friends here’, it happened that I started my Island there and coincidentally it also coincided with the fact that I found on an island different from the main one and probably with the competitors to whom I felt most similar in terms of character “.

Licia Nunez and the shocking story: “I woke up at night but …”

Licia Nunez he had also participated in the Big Brother Vip a few years ago. For her, therefore, it was a second experience in a reality show. At Home Who in direct question Licia confided that going back if she had to choose between the two reality shows she would have no doubt: “I found that this is my habitat. I like wild situations. It is much closer to my character and I only discovered it by living on the island ”. In an interview with SuperGuida TV, however, Licia had made an appeal. She the actress she would like to play in the future the role of columnist in a reality show and she claims to have all the credentials to do so. Licia Nunez was one of the competitors who lost less weight than the other castaways.

In fact Licia Nunez lost 7 kg on the Island of the Famous 2022 and now she feels she has to put back some muscle mass. The actress then commented on the discussions that took place in Honduras, brandishing them as futile: “They bring your mind back to situations that have to do with your daily life, they are somehow amplified, the absence of food leads to little lucidity, the worst in people comes out”. The former castaway then revealed that he had a problem returning from the island: “A strange thing happened to me, I woke up at night in this comfortable bed in my house and I said why I’m here, I almost preferred to sleep on the parquet”.


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