“There are mice”, shocked Gieffini call the authors

“There are mice”, shocked Gieffini call the authors
“There are mice”, shocked Gieffini call the authors
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In the last few hours, mice would have appeared in the Casa del Gf Vip. Frightened Antonino and Andrea noticed it and immediately warned the authors.

It all happened in the last few hours, during the night, in the Casa del Gf Vip. two gieffini, Antonino Spinalbese and Andrea Maestrelli, they were in the kitchen intent on eating some biscuits the first and preparing chamomile tea the second. At a certain point Andrea heard noises coming from the locker. Immediately, frightened by the idea of ​​what it could be, he called the roommate to appeal. Belen Rodriguez’s ex, mindful of past years, speculated that it could be mice. And seeing Maestrelli a bit frightened by the possible presence of mice, he took matters into his own hands.

Gf Vip, the mice arrive in the House

Antonino Spinalbese, in wanting to take matters into his own hands, he thought of flushing out the new housemates with a broom. And he immediately warned the authors: “Look, there are mice here!“.

To which Andrea, frightened by the situation and by their presence, he tried to keep his distance: “Sure Anto are mice, 100%. But is it just one or more? Yes, oh God yes it’s them, they’re just the big ones like Pantegan. Come on, don’t bother him please. Isn’t it like they break through something and then enter everywhere? What do you say? Last year a contestant woke up and stepped on a mouse?! What are you saying, stop it. Come on brother please, no I don’t go near and I don’t look out on the piece of furniture! You didn’t understand, maybe you didn’t understand. No bro, you didn’t understand, I’m really scared right now. Then we have to leave at two in the morning. Don’t tease them. Stop it, I’m really scared“.

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The roommate instead he tried to figure out how to do it and where they had come from: “The roof is high here and they have the space to do as they please and make dens. Look, it’s already been a long time since we’ve seen them in the bedroom. Or they come out while we cook. But here it’s all absurd, the other day there was also the other room flooded“.

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