Who are Conor and Loren the sons of Lory Del Santo: how they died

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Delving into the private life of 63-year-old showgirl Lory Del Santo, we explore her children and the family tragedies that have occurred in her past.

Throughout her life, Lory Del Santo has been romantically involved with several prominent figures in the entertainment world, often ending up on the front pages of the tabloids. Despite her numerous relationships, her personal life was filled with enormous pain and suffering. The 63-year-old showgirl has raised three children in her life. The first, Conor Loren Clapton, was born in 1986 from her union with the British guitarist Eric Clapton. Devin was born in 1991, son of Lory and entrepreneur Silvio Sardi. The third child, Loren, was born in 1999 to an unknown father.

During the interview, the showgirl recounted a dramatic event from her family history, recently revealed in an article by Nuovo. This is the premature birth and subsequent death of the fourth child by tennis player Richard Krajicek in the 1990s. He declared: “He was born in Milan, premature but perfect, and unfortunately he died two weeks later due to an infection”.

An examination of the circumstances of Conor and Loren’s unfortunate demise.

Lory Del Santo’s family has been affected by numerous tragedies, the most devastating of which was the disappearance of his son Conor in 1991, when he was only five years old. He had fallen from the 53rd floor of the Galeria skyscraper in New York, due to a window left open by a cleaner. Eric Clapton and Will Jennings wrote the song Tears in Heaven as a tribute to Conor. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Del Santo declared: “Destiny is made of seconds. Two seconds ago it wouldn’t have happened.” And she added: “It is possible that many times I have been saved by two seconds. Now I try to be positive and think I’m still here. Otherwise, one can easily slip into depression and never come out.”

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Tragically, Loren died in 2018 at the age of 19 by suicide. After his death, doctors diagnosed him with anhedonia, a mental disorder that impairs an individual’s ability to experience pleasure from typically enjoyed activities, such as eating, engaging in sexual activity, and socializing. “I always thought he was special,” recalled the former castaway, still in mourning, “he didn’t do drugs and didn’t have the wrong friendships. How was I to know that he was suffering from a mental illness? The teachers at school told me that he was always alone, but he was a good student ”.

Devin, currently a photographer in New York, had a strong bond with Loren, with whom he shared the house. Lory Del Santo noted that the pain of losing Devin still lingers, stating, “My kids were very close, doing everything together with a great sense of camaraderie.” Devin can’t seem to forgive himself for what happened to Loren. He felt a sense of responsibility and mourned silently. When he learned of his brother’s death, he told a friend, “I hope my mother can handle it.”

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