Death Lando Buzzanca, the son responds to the controversy

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09 January 2023 18:17

Massimiliano on “Afternoon Five”: “My father has physically decayed over time”

After the death of Lando Buzzanca son Maximilian responds to the controversy of those who accuse him of abandoning him in the RSA where he was hospitalized for about a year. TO “Afternoon Five” the actor’s son answers the doctor Fulvio Tomaselli who had denounced the decay of the actor in the Rsa on social media. “He is 87 years old – the doctor declared – but he seems to be 155. He had already been in this state since July: in six months he lost 25-30 kilograms”. “This man has never been a family doctor, but neither was my father’s doctor. If this person hasn’t reported it to the police, what he says is just fluff”, he replies like this Let’s Maximize Buzzanca to Channel 5.

The son of the famous actor explains that during his father’s hospitalization, several people entered the RSA to visit Lando Buzzanca. “Relatives, cousins, family friends, no one complained about dad’s condition“, continues Massimiliano who then states that his father was affected by senile dementia and the aphasia he suffered from was nothing more than a symptom of senile dementia diagnosed in 2016.”Over time my father has physically decayed“, concludes the grieved son who explains that he does not want to go into details in respect of the dignity of the father.


The article is in Italian

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