Tommy Lee challenges Instagram and Facebook with a full frontal nude


Those who have followed him in his adventure with

Motley Crue

(one of the most outrageous bands of the 80s, whose story was told uncensored in the autobiography “

The Dirt

“, also published in Italy). Not to mention the

hard videotape

most famous stolen in history. The one shot by Lee e

Pamela Anderson

during their honeymoon, in 1995, and which, stolen, was broadcast on VHS and then on the Net. An episode that has made such an epoch that recently a TV series has also been dedicated to that story.

tommy lee naked


In short, it is certainly not the first time that Tommy Lee publicly shows his sex. However, it is still impressive to see him do it via social media, on platforms that are usually very careful to censor the censurable. Even if the text of the post suggests a distraction, it actually tastes like deliberate provocation. Needless to say, the post sparked Lee’s fans who commented in a variety of ways. Many pointed out that he could not do what he was doing and that the post would be removed shortly thereafter, many others indulged in making ironic jokes inspired by the size of Lee’s genitals.

In this regard, shortly after the musician made another post on the subject. Definitely less explicit and more focused on irony, where a naked man is looked at an elephant who asks him “how can you breathe with that little thing?”.


In this period Lee is touring the stadiums in the United States with Motley Crue on tour which sees them perform together with

Def Leppard, Poison


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

. And in her spare time she gives air to … his thoughts.

The article is in Italian

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