Federica Aversano speaks after the farewell to the throne and mentions Matteo Ranieri

Federica Aversano speaks after the farewell to the throne and mentions Matteo Ranieri
Federica Aversano speaks after the farewell to the throne and mentions Matteo Ranieri
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Federica Aversano has abandoned the throne of Men and women a few months after its debut. The young mother came from a career as a suitor, which had shaken her emotions quite a bit. Matteo Ranierithe tronista of which she said she was clearly taken. However, Matteo had chosen Valeria Cardone and the landlady, Maria de Philippihe had proposed to Aversano to embark on the new path on the throne.

In recent hours there has been much discussion about the abandonment of Federica. But, she herself, on her social page, wanted to clarify the reasons that prompted her to make such an important decision:

I wanted to thank you for too many messages. Do you know why I think so? Did I make the right choice? Because when you feel you’re not in the right place and you can’t give your best, leaving is the only thing that takes more courage. It takes more to leave than to stay. So I tell you yes, I knew I could not give my best. And in my opinion that circumstance deserves the best.

To all the compliments he received, he reacted in a rather ironic and piqued way:

Eh but you say it’s a good thing that I’m like this? Because I’m not seeing the fruits of this stuff. But I won’t change. I am one who in life, but on all occasions, I have to be there, I have to be there. If it’s something like that… no.

Also, he explained Federica to her followers, abandonment meant above all taking care of herself:

Look, I was talking about it today with a friend of mine, or rather, with my cousin. She told me that when I decided to leave, I loved myself. Because I understood that I shouldn’t have stayed. That thing didn’t make me feel good. But not for the place. For so many things. And she told me: “Faith, I understood how much you love yourself”. I don’t always love myself so much actually. I should do it on many occasions. But I’m definitely calmer.

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Finally, about the gift for the son received from Alexander Rausaof the men’s parterre of Throne over:

For the gift of Ale I was thrilled. But then later fortunately we met behind. I told him “Look, Aleto me you are a grandfather.” My son doesn’t have a grandfather on my side and so I’ll tell him that his grandfather gave him this train.

In short, Federica she is sure of the choice she has made, even if it cost her a lot of courage. To the Magazine official, which will be released today, also added that, if she had found in someone that pinch of euphoria that had given her the beautiful MatteoMaybe things would have turned out differently.

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