Chris Sanchez, who is the bodyguard with whom Meghan would have cheated on Harry


The royal couple overseas continues to be talked about and this time it could be the end of the fairy tale between the Californian actress and her prince.

Did Meghan really cheat on Harry with bodyguard Chris Sanchez? Here’s what we know.

Did Meghan really cheat on Harry? What do we know

Some rumors already speak of a divorce between Prince Harry, second son of King Charles III of England, and Meghan Markle, the Californian actress made famous, before the wedding, by the series Suits.

Some witnesses would in fact have witnessed one furious quarrel of the couple in a restaurant, but above all some photos have immortalized scenes of tension in the villa in Montecito, California.

According to an anonymous Source close to the couple, Harry would have discovered theinfidelity of his wife after being called from the school of the eldest Archie, because no one had come to get him. It seems that Meghan had forgotten, and not by chance: she was in the company of his bodyguard.


Who is Chris Sanchez

The bodyguard who could cause another royal divorce is called Chris Sanchez and was hired last April 2022. Before his assignment for the Duchess of Sussex, Sanchez served for the security of two presidents of the United States: George W. Bush and Barack Obama. According to the witnesses of the dispute, the bodyguard was present during the discussion between the spouses and then left the house.

The detractors of the couple, and especially of Meghan, are already engaged in speculation about what the terms of the divorce will be. There are few certainties at the moment and no declarations, but the future does not look rosy.

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