two pupils eliminated from the school

two pupils eliminated from the school
two pupils eliminated from the school
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The recordings of the episode of have just finished Friends which will air on Sunday 20 November.

What happened to Italy’s most popular talent show? Here are some tasty previews offered as always by the friends of

The singing contest was judged by Dardust. From the ranking of votes, the following were found to be last: Cricca, Niveo and Ascanio. The latter therefore ended up in an immediate challenge at the behest of Lorella Cuccarini.

At the top of the singing charts?

Tommy 10

Wax 9.5

Frederica 9

Clique 8-


Niveo 7

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After weeks and weeks in which no one left the cottage, on Sunday 20th, as the moles of Friends Newswe will see the elimination of the singer Ascanio and the dancer Claudia.

What happened? How did the two eliminations come about? Ascanio, as we said, came last in the singing competition judged by Dardust. Lorella Cuccarini put him in an immediate challenge and the boy then clashed with Angelina. To judge the challenge was Carlo di Francesco.

The judge and former professor preferred Angelina to Ascanio and the latter therefore had to leave Maria De Filippi’s school. After the elimination – with the cameras off – Ascanio spoke at length with Rudy Zerbi and they embraced for a long time.

Claudia was immediately challenged by Emanuel Lo and Alessandra Celentano. The girl clashed with Isobel.

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  • the TIM test is won by Matthias
  • the Oreo test is won by Rita
  • the Marlù test: the whole class

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