Big Brother, do you remember Marianella ex of Luca Argentero? Here she is today at 50 years old

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Marianella Bargilli and Luca Argentero at Big Brother, 2003. Source: Web

Marianella Bargilli was one of the Big Brother contestants. Although she has been eclipsed from the small screen, she has continued her way with enormous success in the world of entertainment.

Everyone remembers her how the sweet little blonde who made the still unknown and fascinating Luca Argentero fall in love with her. It was 2003 and it was the Big Brother. Marianella Bargilliwhich was somewhat reminiscent of Meg Ryan, she remained etched in the memory of the viewers of the famous reality show, even if nothing was heard of her after the experience in the Cinecittà house. At least on TV.

Marianella Bargilli and Luca Argentero at Big Brother, 2003. Photo: Web

Born in Cecina on 27 February 1971, Marianella Bergilli with Luca Argentero had more in common than the public could imagine. When he walked through the red door of the most spied on house in Italy, he was working as congress hostess and event organizer. But something particular and that explained a lot about her then and today, she was also theredirector of the “Della Bugia” theater in Rome.

In fact, the theater has always been a constant presence in the life of the former gieffina, even when she was filmed 24 hours a day by the show’s cameras, not because she was acting, but because she certainly remained in her heart, even though she was far from the stage at that moment. She ended up being envied by women, for having made capitulate the handsome dark and curly-haired competitor from Turin. In fact, there was a special feeling between the twoborn also from the common passion for acting and in fact just like Argentero, who today is a famous and successful Italian actor, too Marianella has successfully realized herself as an actress. Especially in the theater.

Studies and a passion for the theatre

Marianella Bargilli takes her first steps in the world of actingstudying at the Dance Theater and staging many street shows, reinforcing the study of body movement and having direct experience with a popular audience. An experience that strengthened her and that led her to his numerous successes. In 1999, even before entering the house of Big BrotherMarianella is chosen as a rider in the film Hannibal by Ridley Scotta small part which, however, catapulted her, albeit for a moment, to the upper floors of international cinema.

From 2000 to 2002 he studied the Stanislavskij/Strasberg method with Beatrice Bracco and participated in workshops with teachers such as Michael Margotta, Marylin Freed, teachers of the Actor’s Studio in New York. His teachers will also be Nikolaj Karpov, director of the Biomechanics Institute at Gitis (Theatrical Institute of Moscow), Steven Berkoff and Augusto Omulù dancer of the Odin Theatret.

The successes of Marianella Bargilli

Bargilli, leaving the house of Big Brother and archived the television experienceprecisely since 2009, is dedicated to the artistic and organizational optimization of the Quirino-Vittorio Gassman theatre while since 2010 she has been the creator and artistic director of the Autogestito review of the same theatre. In 2015 she was also part of the cast of the TV series “Challenge to Heaven – Narcotics 2”, broadcast on Rai 1. Marianella Bargilli has numerous awards to her credit such as the nomination for Best New Actress at the Olympic Awards, the Oscars of the theater. Being an extremely creative and multifaceted person, the former gieffina in his curriculum she also boasts roles as assistant director and artistic directorto. After the reality show you also hosted Style and Notturno for the Leonardo satellite channel.

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Marianella Bargilli
Marianella Bargilli. Source: Instagram

Just in 2009 he married, with a spectacular ceremony on the Campidoglio and with a party held at the Quirino theater, Geppy Gleijeses with which he managed the theater itself. The two met after Marianella’s release from Big Brother: a love at first sight that lasted for 13 years. Today the couple is in fact separated and has no children.

What are you doing today

The former gieffina who made Luca Argenteo fall in love, today she continues to do what she likes best: theatre. Very busy with her shows, she has a very up-to-date Instagram profile where her current and stage natural photos stand out.

Just a few days ago, he published a long post about his recent role, Phaedra, debuted in theaters on August 7th. “Finding such an intense, melancholic and visceral character after his debut at the @teatroolimpicovicenza on the occasion of the 74th Classical Show Cycle, has been one of the most intense experiences of recent years. The power of Racine’s words, the strength of love, the physical energy of an immense character.” The actress writes along with a series of photos describing the show, before listing the others that have kept her busy over the summer.

Marianella Bargilli
Marianella Bargilli. Source: Instagram

A summer she will never forget, as she herself entitles the long message imbued with happiness and recognition. “Forty tiring days but imbued with passion, commitment and beauty. I measured my strength, my will. This job that I love so much, which gives me the opportunity to live in contact with you, with our emotions, and to feel unity. I thank my stage mates; directors, actors, technicians, workers, EVERYONE ♥️. And I thank the people who have stood by me and encouraged me.” Concludes Marianella Bargilli, receiving an avalanche of hearts in no time at all.

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