Gucci crime: Pina Auriemma at the last of Live – It’s not D’Urso

Sunday 28 March 2021 17:04 Diego Vella

Live It is not D’Urso, Television

Pina Auriemma

Only a few hours to the (early) closing of the third edition of Live – it’s not D’Urso. Tonight during the last episode – to be precise the seventy-sixth prime time of Live – there will be a guest in the studio who has recently returned to the news, Pina Auriemma.

Giuseppina “Pina” Auriemma – for those who do not know it – it is the intermediary in the murder of Maurizio Gucci. The murder in recent weeks has returned to talk, thanks to the forthcoming film House of Gucci, with a stellar cast (Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani, Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci and Al Pacino as Aldo Gucci).

The one who hired the Gucci killer has been free since July 2010, after having served 13 years in prison, compared to the expected 19, and is ready for a face to face with Barbara D’Urso, 21 years after the interview granted to Franca Leosini for Maledette Stories. Auriemma also participated in the documentary Lady Gucci – The story of Patrizia Reggiani, released by Discovery + last January.

The mother of Fabrizio Corona, Gabriella, the minister Mara Carfagna and the son of Paul Gaiscogne who will talk about his bisexuality will also attend the last of Live.



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